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Super Cowboys

It’s time to start thinking about the Cowboys playing in the Super Bowl.

If the Packers were the best the NFC has to offer… book a hotel room now.

The Cowboys knocked Brett Favre out of the game and Green Bay got better. They had Favre right in their hands. He was making bad decisions and was about to throw the Packers out of the game.

37-27 was the final score, but it should have been a 20 point win.

Last year Chicago won the NFC and I say the Cowboys have a better overall club than that Bears squad.

Read my Saturday column in the Star-Telegram and read more on why I think this Cowboys team can be Super.

Newy Scruggs

Briles To Baylor

Good for Art Briles. He did a bang up job at Houston, but let’s be honest, he went as far as he could go in winning the Conference USA title.

Going to Baylor means Briles is stepping up to the Big 12 where Baylor has been a dog butted program, but it is a BCS league.

He will bring a great offense and he will get a nice contract. A package worth at least 8 million dollars.

Baylor’s facilities are not up to par versus the big boys in the Big 12, but I’ll bet you a lot of money they are better than what they have at Houston. So for Briles, it is an upgrade.

Baylor needs an offense, that is where Briles excels. He did at Stephenville High, Texas Tech, and Houston.

I don’t know if he will win at Baylor, but I’m rooting for him. He is a good coach and good father.

Newy Scruggs

Mike Sherman… My Thoughts

I am not sure if Mike Sherman can turn A&M into a Top 25 football program. I just wasn’t impressed with his run at Green Bay. Then again, I don’t have all the inside details of what went down.

I did think the Packers gave him too much control as the head coach and GM. He never even made it to the NFC title game and he lost a playoff game at Lambeau Field, the first ever loss in postseason play at home.

He has coached at A&M before so he understands what Aggie fans want. That is important, at least to those folks…some of that stuff they do is out there.

Is Sherman in the Kid Business? Too many coaches who come from the NFL are not. I can remember how Paul Hackett’s tenure ended at USC. He just couldn’t relate to the kids, while Pete Carroll has and now SC is a championship program again.

Greg Hill used to play at A&M and says Sherman is. Hill spoke of the times kids were able to speak to Sherman while he was the offensive line coach at College Station.

If Sherman can relate to kids and bring in a pro style offense, he will be able to take A&M back to the top in the Big 12 South.

Newy Scruggs

Tuna Held Back T.O.

I wrote it in the Star-Telegram and I have said it on our airwaves. Bill Parcells held Terrell Owens back.

T.O. led the NFL in touchdown catches last year, but come on. T.O. was not used right. Not used the way Andy Reid did a Philly or the ways Steve Mariucci once did in in 49er land.

Owens won’t go out of his way to smack Parcells and old receivers coach, Todd Haley, but if you have covered him and been around him…you know he thinks those guys went out of their way to hold him down and prop up Terry Glenn last year. I know he feels Drew Bledsoe went to his boy Terry Glenn a bit much.

T.O. has 12 TD’s and the Cowboys are 9-1. Wade Phillips knows it’s not about him. He is given T.O. a chance to makes big plays and he has.

So the next time I hear somebody wanting to give Parcells credit for this 2007 team, ask why the Tuna didn’t figure out how to use a talent like T.O.?

Newy Scruggs

So Long Armey

I came to really like Stars GM Doug Armstrong over the years. He is a good guy. But I’ll go back to that line from the movie Jerry Maguire, “It’s not show friends….it’s show business.”

So with the Stars looking raggedy early this year, I can see why Armey is taking the fall and got fired today. During his tenure, the trades he made usually didn’t work out for the Stars.

Last year, one player told me off the record Armey was “clueless”.

The Stars are not an elite hockey club anymore. They want to change that.

Hiring Brett Hull as the new GM could change things. Hull will spice up the roster and make the fans care. Right now, the Stars are not filling the American Airlines Center.

Armey will get another NHL job, but things need to change. The Stars are 7-7-3.

Newy Scruggs

Fran Is Done

It’s just a matter of time. Texas A&M can deny all they want about there not being a buyout of football coach, Dennis Franchione, but get real, they don’t want him around anymore.

Fran lost his way with that secret e-mail he sent out for $1,200 bucks to select boosters.

Fran reportedly has $8.5 million left on his deal. He will be bought out.

Known as Coach Fraud by the Alabama fans, Fran became a hot coaching prospect by taking TCU on the national scene and coaching L.T.

Fran has not been the coach the Aggies paid for. He has some embarrassing losses on his Aggie resume. He has not won a bowl game.

Fran is done.

Newy Scruggs

Paul Johnson… SMU Head Coach?

Just a rumor I heard.

Paul Johnson is a very good coach at Navy. They beat Notre Dame last Saturday.

I’m hearing he is the guy they want to take over SMU football.

He would be a solid choice for the Ponies.

Newy Scruggs

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