A Postcard From Buffalo

If you ever thought of visiting Buffalo, let me help you, don’t go. This place isn’t an armpit, but it’s the coming close. The people are nice. It’s just not a place you want to move to, or visit. You’re better off going to Cleveland.

I’m just telling it like it is.

I got a 9:15 AM wake up call at the very antiquated Adam’s Mark Hotel in Buffalo. The alarm went off and we were told to evacuate the hotel and go down the stairs.

My first thought, “Man people here really want Dallas Cowboys autographs really bad.” Turns out somebody was smoking in the hotel and it set off the fire alarm. Nice way to wake up.

This hotel is awful. I stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Lumberton, North Carolina, Friday and Saturday nicer than this Adam’s Mark.

Cowboys fans have invaded this hotel. The Cowboys have a radio road show group that has been staying here. They are all over the place looking for players to sign gear.

I am wondering if the crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium tonight may be 25% Cowboys fans. I think they bought up a lot of tickets.

My photographer, Noah Bullard, went to Niagara Falls. I didn’t want to go. I want that sleep back I lost this morning.

The Buffalo wings in Buffalo taste like one you can get at any old bar.

I am ready for the game. I am ready to see what the fans here will be like during the game, the tailgating before kickoff, etc.

Newy Scruggs

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