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Mavs To Add Another J-Ho

Josh Howard is called J-Ho by Mavs fans, but the original J-Ho is coming back.

I’m talking Juwan Howard. Man, I’m glad to see him back.

I loved him the first time he came to the Mavericks and hated to see him traded away. He guy was a pro and played hard. He is tough and will give a hard foul.

The Mavs sent D-J Mbenga to the exit door. Howard could be active tommorrow for the season opener is Cleveland.

Mavs coach Avery Johnson, a former teammate of Juwan’s wanted him back.

“Juwan was too big of an opportunity to pass up,” president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson told “Juwan is a winner, he’s a leader and he knows the Maverick way.

I love the leadership the Mavs have on this roster. Juwan, Eddie Jones, and Jerry Stackhouse are all chasing their first NBA rings.

Newy Scruggs

Romo Paid In Full

Eric B and Rakim had a hit rap song in the 80’s called “Paid in Full”. I love that song.

Tony Romo should let Britney Spears dance for him with that tune since he is now $67.5 million richer. Since her ex-husband didn’t really have much income, Romo could be the kind of man her sons could look up to.

The Cowboys could have paid Romo 50 million months back and saved money, but they wanted to see if Romo had the goods. WIth a 6-1 record, he has proven himself worthy of the big money, thus the 11.5 million upfront and the six year deal.

He is the quarterback that will carry on the torch of Meredith, Staubach, White, and Aikman.

Job well done by Jerry Jones. Only Scott Pioli of New England could beat him out for NFL Executive of the year.

Newy Scruggs

SMU Fires Football Coach

Well, we all knew it was coming. SMU is going to have another losing season and A.D. Steve Orsini did the right thing be letting coach Phil Bennett know right now so they can get on to searching for a new football coach.

Bennett gets to finish the season. That was a smart move.

Orsini hired George O’Leary at Central Florida. I think he should go hire a name coach like Gary Barnett. Barnett wants back in the game. He was last at Colorado and won a Big 12 title. He knows how to recruit Texas. Barnett led Northwestern to the Rose Bowl, so he can take over a down program and turn it around.

SMU has to act quick. By letting Bennett go now, they can beat other schools who might make a change later in the year like Nebraska, Arkansas, or Texas A&M.

“I appreciate Phil’s efforts here at SMU, but I felt it was time for a
change,” said Orsini. “He has represented the university with class and
has graduated his student-athletes at some of the highest rates in the
nation. I have never doubted his effort and desire to win and we wish
him the best.”

“But as I said on the day I was hired at SMU, we can be successful on a
national level. There is a commitment to winning on the Hilltop and I
truly believe that we are ready to take that next step. With the support
of this tremendous university and our great facilities and location in
the heart of Dallas, there is no reason we can not become a top-25
football program. We will win at SMU.”

Whenever, the new staff needs to get a just on recruiting ASAP.

Newy Scruggs

Newdawg’s Lack of Blogs

Hello friends,

Since the Cowboys are not playing this week, I have taken a much needed vacation.

I’ll get my blog on next week.

One note, I hate watching Josh Beckett pitch for the Red Sox. The Texas Rangers could have had him, but they waited and Boston came in and got a trade done.

I’m out!

Newy Scruggs

Tony Stewart Smoke Show

I had a blast hanging with NASCAR champion Tony Stewart Today.

The driver of the #20 Home Depot car hosted the Tony Stewart Smoke Show at Texas Motor Speedway.

SLIDESHOW: Tony Stewart Smoke Show At TMS

It was basically a racing fantasy camp for the media. Marty Smith from ESPN’s NASCAR Now, Tim Colishaw of the Morning News, Brian Estridge of ESPN 103.3 FM, and our own Derek Castillo of NBC 5 were among the media clebs to join me on the Smoke Show.

Mike Starr of Team Texas Racing did a great job of showing us what we needed to do as we drove a real stock car around the TMS track. My instructor was the best. He rode with me and got my speed up to 136 MPH.

I had never rode or driven around TMS. TV does not do NASCAR justice.

It was an incredible thrill.

I turned the 4th fastest lap of the 17 drivers. Not bad for my first time ever in a stock car.

I could never do that for three hours or worse, in a crowd of 40 other drivers on the track.

Then we all got to ride 3 laps WITH Tony Stewart. He goes fast. Stewart is one talented guy. You have to be strong and in shape to drive that car for three hours. I will never look NASCAR the same way.

Tony drove me around the track and it felt like we were going to slam into the wall, but he never touched it. That is why he is a champion, professionals make it look easy. I think driving fast in a safe environment is fun. It is a rush.

After that, we got to climb the wall like Stewart does after a win and then we hit victory lane. We put on the different hats and shoot the guns like Stewart and others do after they win at TMS.

Eddie Gossage and Mike Zizzo got us fire suits with our names on them. We had our own locker with our name plate. Man, they went first class.

I hope Tony Stewart comes back next year and does the Smoke Show again. Tony was a lot of fun to be around. He cracked jokes, he coached us and really got into the event. The man has a passion for racing and it showed.

I know he gets a rap as being moody and a guy who speaks first and thinks second, but the Stewart is great for the sport and he really did a great job of making me and others who cover the sport see what goes on in their world.

Newy Scruggs

Kobe Bryant Is Done In L.A.

Lakers star, Kobe Bryant, demanded a trade over the summer. The Lakers didn’t do it.

Well, now Lakers owner, Jerry Buss, is ready to listen to offers. That means Kobe is done.

Kobe can opt-out of his current deal with the Lakers in two years. The Lakers may want to deal him and get something while they can.

Dallas may want to look into it. Kobe Bryant would be the finisher they need. Of course the Mavs would have to start by giving up Josh Howard and two other players.

In the end, the Mavs can win 50 plus games with the team they have. Kobe can play both ends of the floor and may be the best player in the NBA.

Newy Scruggs

Coach Fran Is In Trouble

Dennis Franchione has made his school look bad with his secret paid email newsletter.

Today, Fran’s personal assistant, the man who wrote the email, was fired. was shut down. The school is afraid of NCAA violations.

Texas A&M A.D. Bill Byrne is not thrilled with his head coach, “This will be part of his performance review. The Aggies are embarrassed right now.”

Rut-roh. Even that A&M mascot dog sees the hand writing on the wall for Fran. He needs to win a good bowl game to save his hide.

Dumb move by Coach Fran who is trying to beat Texas Tech in Lubbock this Saturday. He is now coaching for his job the rest of the season.

Newy Scruggs

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