Stop Talking About New England

All this talk about the Cowboys facing New England October 14th needs to stop.

The Cowboys need to beat St. Louis this Sunday at Texas Stadium. After that game the Cowboys must go on the road at try to win at Buffalo on Monday Night Football.

This just in, the Cowboys ARE NOT good enough to overlook any team on their schedule.

The Rams game is no gimmie. I don’t care if quarterback Marc Bulger has two broken ribs and is missing three of his offensive lineman. I know Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson will miss the game because of a groin tear, but that is why you should be worried if you cheer for the Cowboys.

The Rams defense is awful against the run and they are missing some key defensive backs.

The Rams are 0-3 and an 0-4 start means they will not have any chance to make the playoffs. This is a must win for them.

St. Louis may not have the healthiest club but 53 men desperate to save their season should be a concern.

Add that with all the media coverage saying the Cowboys are the best team in the NFC and I can see the Cowboys possibly not playing their best football on Sunday.

Bill Parcells used to tell his players, “Don’t Eat the Cheese”. The Tuna is right. The Cowboys can’t eat this cheese the media and fans are laying at their feet right now. A loss to the Rams and the Cowboys will be just a contender instead of the favorite to win the NFC.

A loss to the Bills on Monday Night and the Cowboys will read about how the best in the NFC can’t measure up to the worst in the AFC.

Forget this talk about a game next month against the Patriots and just think like the coaches do… about the next opponent. That would be St. Louis on Sunday.

Newy Scruggs

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