Give G.M. Jerry Jones Credit

The Cowboys are 3-0. Wade Phillips is the first Cowboys head coach to start off 3-0 in his first season as head coach.

G.M. Jerry Jones made the right call in hiring Wade over Norv Turner. The Charger fans want to string Norv up. It’s taken Turner three games to lose two times. Last year the Chargers were 14-2 and they miss Phillips. That Charger D is horrible.

Jones hired Jason Garrett before Phillips as the offensive coordinator. He’s been great. Jones took heat for the move, but he was right.

He made the right move in passing on Brady Quinn and trading that 1st round pick to Cleveland for the Browns top pick in 2008. So far the Browns are 1-2.

Jones was smart to make QB Tony Romo prove he had the right stuff before giving him a new deal. Romo is looking like a Pro Bowler again.

Jones was smart to pay Jason Witten. He’s becoming the best tight end in the NFC.

And T.O. has been amazing this year. Garrett has him playing at a high level.

Jerry Jones the G.M. is on a roll.

Newy Scruggs


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