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Larry Fitzgerald A Cowboy In 2008? recently posted a story about the unhappiness of Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals are becoming a run first club under new head coach Ken Wisenhunt which means Fitzgerald’s numbers will go down. He may not be down for that blocking thing either.

The Cowboys should consider making a move for him after the season. Why not give up a first day pick for him? The Cowboys need to get younger at the position. Fitzgerald is just 23 years old and in his fourth NFL season.

Arizona locked up Anquan Boldin to a big extention two years ago and they may not want to pay big money for two wide receivers in a run first offense. The Cardinals have always had a reputation as a cheap organization. Fitzgerald will want to be paid big dollars.

They still have Bryant Johnson, a former first round pick on their roster.

Terry Glenn is 33 years old and will miss at least half of the year with a knee injury. Patrick Crayton is a free agent after the season and Terrell Owens is only signed through 2008.

Giving the Cardinals a first day draft pick for a proven commodity would be smart business. Imagine a 2008 starting lineup of Fitzgerald, T.O., and tight end Jason Witten. Scary.

Here’s more on why think the Cowboys should try to make the move. If the Cowboys use a first round draft pick on a kid, they still need the rookie to develop. Taking a receiver in the first round is a true gamble.

In 2005 the following players were drafted in the first round:

Braylon Edwards, 3rd to Cleveland
Troy Williamson, 7th to Minnesota
Mike Williams, 10th to Detroit
Matt Jones, 21st to Jacksonville
Mark Clayton, 22nd to Baltimore
Roddy White, 27th to Atlanta

Not one of those players has made the Pro Bowl. Edwards looks like the only one who will be an impact player for his club this season.

In 2006 Santonio Holmes was the only WR drafted in the first round. Teams learned from the 2005 class.

So why not give up a 1st or 2nd round draft pick and pay Fitzgerald big money? It looks like a safe way to go versus trying to gamble in the draft.

Newy Scruggs

Kanye West Graduation CD

Go ahead and get that new Kanye West CD.

This thing is full with great tracks. “You Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is just classic West. He tells stories and that is why he is a great talent.

“Homecoming” is the track I can’t stop playing right now. I wore out the “Good Life” when I first got the CD. T-Pain is also on that track.

The tune “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” needs to be played five times so you can understand the meaning.

West always has messages in his music. The boy has skills.

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A Strong September?

The Cowboys have not finished the month of September unbeaten since 1999. Back in the Chan Gailey era.

A win Sunday against the Rams give the Cowboys a 4-0 mark.

They have already beaten the Giants, Dolphins, and Bears.

Rams wide receiver Issac Bruce is reaching for straws by guaranteeing a win by St. Louis Sunday at Texas Stadium. I’m sure quarterback Marc Bulger was happy to hear that. Bulger has broken ribs. The defense will be blitzing him all day. Bruce flapping his jaws isn’t helping matters.

Frank Cusamano of our NBC affiliate in St. Louis is predicting a Cowboys victory.

The interview is fun and he pokes fun of the Rangers sad state in baseball and the Cowboys.
Please check it out.

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Stop Talking About New England

All this talk about the Cowboys facing New England October 14th needs to stop.

The Cowboys need to beat St. Louis this Sunday at Texas Stadium. After that game the Cowboys must go on the road at try to win at Buffalo on Monday Night Football.

This just in, the Cowboys ARE NOT good enough to overlook any team on their schedule.

The Rams game is no gimmie. I don’t care if quarterback Marc Bulger has two broken ribs and is missing three of his offensive lineman. I know Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson will miss the game because of a groin tear, but that is why you should be worried if you cheer for the Cowboys.

The Rams defense is awful against the run and they are missing some key defensive backs.

The Rams are 0-3 and an 0-4 start means they will not have any chance to make the playoffs. This is a must win for them.

St. Louis may not have the healthiest club but 53 men desperate to save their season should be a concern.

Add that with all the media coverage saying the Cowboys are the best team in the NFC and I can see the Cowboys possibly not playing their best football on Sunday.

Bill Parcells used to tell his players, “Don’t Eat the Cheese”. The Tuna is right. The Cowboys can’t eat this cheese the media and fans are laying at their feet right now. A loss to the Rams and the Cowboys will be just a contender instead of the favorite to win the NFC.

A loss to the Bills on Monday Night and the Cowboys will read about how the best in the NFC can’t measure up to the worst in the AFC.

Forget this talk about a game next month against the Patriots and just think like the coaches do… about the next opponent. That would be St. Louis on Sunday.

Newy Scruggs

Avery Johnson Is Mr. Motivational Speaker

I went to see Mavericks head coach Avery Johnson yesterday at the American Airlines Center. Avery was speaking at a Get Motivated seminar.

All the greats in the business were there, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, etc.

Avery was the last speaker of the day. He followed up actress Goldie Hawn. Bless her heart, she’s a darn good actress and a funny lady, but she’s got to work on her motivational speech. It was a tad bit scattered.

Avery was great. Man he’s got a future at this. I can see why Dirk Nowitzki won the MVP last year with Avery riding him.

I took away a great point. “Next” was a word Avery used in making a point about having to move on from disappointment. He was talking about his Mavericks having to move on to the next season. He is not happy they got put out in the first round of the playoff, but they have to move on.

He used the word next to describe Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, who also spoke at the event. Romo had to go “next” to get over his fumble on a field goal attempt last year in the playoffs. So far Romo has been excellent as the Cowboys have started off 3-0.

We will all face some type of situation that is very bitter for us to handle. At some point after the initial tears and/or frustration… we must say next.

Newy Scruggs

Mike Gundy Has A Point

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s rant at Daily Oklahoman columnist Jenni Carlson was one of the most viscous I’ve ever seen.

I believe in Gundy’s overall point.

These are not pros, they are college kids. Even if they are 21 years old, they should not be treated like pro athletes.

That is tough in a place like Oklahoma where they have no pro football team. They are the show… almost pros in a way when it comes to the massive amount of media coverage they get.

I worked in Austin, home of the Longhorns, and I’ve often debated if the local paper, the Austin-American Statesman went too far in how they treated the players, mainly the football team.

Same goes for the Buckeyes in Columbus, Ohio. They are treated like pros and sometimes I think it is too much.

College football legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson told me one time in a radio interview that he doesn’t criticize college players. He didn’t think it was right. They play for free while the schools and coaches raked in millions. That point always stayed with me.

Sometimes you do have to tell some hard truths about the players, but I thought Carlson’s column was a bit too on OSU quarterback Bobby Reid.

Newy Scruggs

Give G.M. Jerry Jones Credit

The Cowboys are 3-0. Wade Phillips is the first Cowboys head coach to start off 3-0 in his first season as head coach.

G.M. Jerry Jones made the right call in hiring Wade over Norv Turner. The Charger fans want to string Norv up. It’s taken Turner three games to lose two times. Last year the Chargers were 14-2 and they miss Phillips. That Charger D is horrible.

Jones hired Jason Garrett before Phillips as the offensive coordinator. He’s been great. Jones took heat for the move, but he was right.

He made the right move in passing on Brady Quinn and trading that 1st round pick to Cleveland for the Browns top pick in 2008. So far the Browns are 1-2.

Jones was smart to make QB Tony Romo prove he had the right stuff before giving him a new deal. Romo is looking like a Pro Bowler again.

Jones was smart to pay Jason Witten. He’s becoming the best tight end in the NFC.

And T.O. has been amazing this year. Garrett has him playing at a high level.

Jerry Jones the G.M. is on a roll.

Newy Scruggs

Even The Chicago Media Likes The Cowboys

Check out my talkback with Chicago NBC anchor, Ryan Baker.

RB thinks the Cowboys will win in Chicago Sunday Night. Man, everyone hates Rex Grossman.

He’s one big Devin Hester fan.

Newy Scruggs

Monday Notes From The Locker Room

The Cowboys were feeling good in the locker room today. They should. 2-0 is where they should be.

The Giants game was the home opener for the Cowboys. The Dolphins will not be very good. That has made the Cowboys 2-0.

Give the defense credit for being aggressive and forcing Dolphins QB Trent Green to throw four picks.

Head coach Wade Phillips gave out Gameballs to the following players.

Safety Ken Hamlin
Safety Roy Williams
Tackle Mark Colombo
Kicker Nick Folk
WR Patrick Crayton
Corner Anthony Henry

I thought nosetackle Jay Ratliff deserved one. Miami only had 61 yards of rushing. He is now starting since Jason Ferguson is out for the year.

Now the Cowboys get ready for Chicago Bears. The game will be in Chicago. Special Teams will be key. Devin Hester ran one back in their win over the Chiefs. He ran another back, but it was nullified by a penalty.

“Rex Grossman took them to a Super Bowl last year as a starter, it means something, especially in this league,” Chris Canty told me today. Good Rex or Bad Rex, the Cowboys defense has to be ready to stop running back Cedric Benson. The Bears are all about running the football.

Canty also praised the Bears offensive line.

I asked tight end Jason Witten if the Cowboys had another 37 points in them. He smiled and said, “I hope so. To put 37 against that defense would be nice. When you get down in the red zone they don’t give up touchdowns.”

Of course you can see that game on NBC 5 Sunday night at 7:15.

Newy Scruggs

Women Love To Cheer For The Steelers

The Cowboys are not America’s Team when it comes to female fan support.

This comes from an AP report:

According to a Scarborough Sports Marketing survey of 220,354 residents in 75 United States markets conducted last year, Pittsburgh has, by far, the largest base of NFL fans who are women.

Pittsburgh is the runaway leader, with 34 percent of the women living in the Steelers’ market identifying themselves as fans. Green Bay was second with 29.4 percent, but no other market surveyed had even one-quarter of its women identify themselves as fans.

So much for having a good looking quarterback like Tony Romo on the Cowboys roster.

Newy Scruggs

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