NBC 5 Fantasy Draft

We held our 3rd NBC 5 Ruthless Peacocks Draft. Our defending champion is Dominga.

Her team is U Got Beat By A Girl. I think that is a jab at the 11 men in the league.

Here’s how I drafted. I held the 7th pick.

1st round-RB Willie Parker (solid and the main my in Pittsburgh)
2nd round-RB Edgerrin James (I really wanted Cedric Benson but he went right before)
3rd round-WR Terrell Owens (He led the NFL in TD catches)
4th round-QB Tom Brady (No way I should land a top 6 QB in this round)
5th round-TE Jeremy Shockey (I think he’s a top 3 TE)
6th round-WR Vincent Jackson (Norv Turner will make him a “Playmaker”)
7th round-RB Cadillac Williams (He was a dud last year, but great value in round 6)
8th round-QB Eli Manning (I think he’ll be better in ’07)
9th round-WR Chris Chambers (QB Trent Green will get him the football)
10th round-RB Lamont Jordan (The Raiders offense will be better…count on it)
11th round-WR Brandon Jones (I regret this pick already)
12th round-WR Drew Bennett (I’m thinking he’ll be great in the red zone)
13th round-DST Raiders (not much too choose from at this point)
14th round-TE Heath Miller (trade bait if Shockey stays healthy)

Newy Scruggs

(Check out NBC Sports $100,000 Fantasy Challenge: CLICK HERE.)


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