Mike Vick… What Black People Should Do Now

Coming up in Saturday’s Star-Telegram on Page 2 of sports I’ll have my column about Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

I’ll give a strong take on how a certain number of black people need to stop defending Mr. Vick and what they should do now. Here’s a sample of that column:

Once again I find myself scratching my head at a number of those in the black community who want to stand by another black millionaire who’s involved in a high profile crime.

New York Knicks guard, Stephon Marbury gave us his thoughts on Michael Vick, “We don’t say anything about people shooting deers and shooting other animals, you know what I mean? From what I hear, dogfighting is a sport.. I think he fell into a bad situation.”

A sport? No. This just in Stephon, dogfighting is a felony. Hunting is not an illegal activity. Marbury is in left field if he truly believes Vick “fell into a bad situation” when the quarterback was the one financing the operation?

We in the black community have to stop giving ultra rich millionaires outs and excuses when the law is clearly broken. It’s time to let Michael Vick know he let his people down.

We all make mistakes, but running a dogfighting ring isn’t a mistake, it’s just stupid.

Please read the rest in the Star-Telegram.

I didn’t write this in that column, but I do believe Michael Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL after he serves his possible jail time and serving an upcoming suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the league’s code of conduct policy.

He will never play for Arthur Blank’s Falcons again. If and when he is allowed to play again he’ll probably sign as a backup quarterback. Time may heal some negative press, but I just don’t think Vick will get a starting job when he comes back.

If broadcaster Marv Albert, who pleaded guilty to sexual assault and battery against a woman, came back to the national airwaves, I think Vick can serve his time and return to football.

Newy Scruggs

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