Who Knew Baylor Fans Cared

It seems I stirred up the “millions and millions” of Baylor Bear football fans in the Metroplex last night.

I said football coach Guy Morriss put his house up for sale and that it couldn’t be good for recruiting.

The horror!!!

It’s made big news on the message boards. The TCU site, www.killerfrogs.com and Baylor’s message board www.baylorfans.com.

I got four emails from those who read the posts and decided they had to give me a piece of their minds. This was the funniest one:

Heard you took a cheap shot @ BU about GMorris’ house up for sale. Throw it out there for sensationalism, so folks will tune back in or to effect recruiting. You’re not a reporter. has been. Good news is few take you seriously anyway. Keep it up, Mack will throw you a bone.


I replied and let MB know that people take me a lot more serious than the Baylor football program. MB might want to learn how to spell his coach’s last name right as well.

I course they take my words seriously…that’s why they are emailing me.

Why are Bear fans so upset? Morriss IS on the hot seat. The school is letting him dangle with just two years left on his contract. That’s unheard of in today’s big time college coaching circles.

Now he’s selling his house? Does all of this look positive or negative?

Now I got some email response saying Morriss was downsizing his crib since his kids are all gone. Even if that is true, it still doesn’t look good.

Baylorfans.com is full of posts from fans who want Morriss gone and replaced with Mike Singletary or somebody else.

I didn’t make Baylor football a bottomfeeder. I haven’t written any posts saying Morriss should be run, but his fans have.

This is from the Dallas Morning News (July 30, 2007) on Morriss and his employment issues at the school:

Few Baylor administrators and regents would comment about Morriss, and none would comment on his contract.

School president John Lilly declined two interview requests. University spokeswoman Lori Fogleman said: “It’s standard practice here at the university that we don’t comment on personnel matters, including contracts.”

Athletic director Ian McCaw issued a statement in response to an interview request, referring to confidentiality clauses as they relates to contracts. However, he said the outlook for this season is promising.

“We are looking forward to continued progress in our football program under the leadership of Coach Morriss and are very excited about the 2007 season,” McCaw said in the statement.

You don’t need a law degree to figure out there is not a lot of support for GuyMo in Waco among those who count. They have a divided house and that is not the way you build a Top 25 program.

Funny thing is… I didn’t know Baylor fans cared this much.

Newy Scruggs

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