Vick Did It To Himself

I have zero sympathy for Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick. Zero.

Vick will plead of guilty to federal dogfighting conspiracy charge. How dumb can a man be?

Vick was given a $130 million dollar contract from Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, and Vick repays him by being an alleged money man in a dogfighting ring.

You can’t defend this. Vick fans can not spin this. He threw away his career doing something illegal.

Some Vick supporters say “it’s just dogs.” Sorry. Americans will always be angered when children, animals, and the elderly are hurt or taken advantage of.

I think of black quarterbacks like Marlon Briscoe, Shack Harris, Doug Williams, and Warren Moon fought so hard to become signal callers in the NFL and paved the way for a player like Vick to be taken number one in the 2001 draft.

Those men had to fight to get the opportunity to play the position.

Vick’s mess just brings back all the old stereotypes. “You can’t trust them with big money”, “Are they ready to be the face of the franchise” and it makes me sick when a man like Vick sets back the work of others and makes it harder for the young black men coming up.

Vick let down his owner, teammates, fans, and the city of Atlanta. Jim Mora once called Vick a “coach killer”. Now you can call him a franchise killer. The Falcons have a very tough road this season.

Vick had a great life as an NFL player…now it’s all over. He did it to himself.

Newy Scruggs

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