New Camp Hotel For Newdawg

I had to check out of the Residence Inn in San Antonio.

That place was horrible.

One night I came back and my room was open. The cleaning person failed to close it all the way.

The toilet shot up water after you flushed it. The seat looked nasty.

They would run out of orange juice every morning. You had to get down there before 9 AM or the juice was gone. The sign should say, “It’s free… till it runs out.”

They never told me my dry cleaning came in. Two days later, I called and they said it was there. On the service menu, the hotel brags they will place it in your room. All the Residence Inns do this… except in S.A.

The parking runs out every night at by 7PM. You have to park your car across the street and pay $7. The hotel still charges you $11.20. You have to tell the hotel you parked across the street and they take the $7 bones off your bill.

The room didn’t have a stove… every room is supposed to have one. I asked some guy at the front desk and he told me he’d call me about it. Never happened.

Today, I had enough. I checked out of that hotel. I’ll spend the rest of my camp stay someplace else.

Newy Scruggs


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