Are Athletes Really Overpaid?

I always wonder why fans and media always claim athletes are overpaid and make too much money.

Does “Judge Judy” Sheindlin deserve $30 million. That TV show is horrible. A bunch of clowns who are too cheap to go see a “real” judge.

People talk about A-Rod’s 25 million a year salary. What about Oprah Winfrey and her payday: $260 million a year. $260 to watch her and Gail go riding around the country or listen to celebrities problems?

Simon Cowell is taking in $45 million a year to tell kids that can’t sing a lick on American Idol.

At least athletes are putting their bodies on the line. Talk to football players 25 years after they have hung up the cleats. Most of the guys are hurt.

Ask a golfer who’s been on the pro tour for 15 plus years. Most have back and knee issues.

Let’s give the folks in sports a break. Go raise hades about TV stars in Hollywood.

Newy Scruggs


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