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NBC 5 Fantasy Draft

We held our 3rd NBC 5 Ruthless Peacocks Draft. Our defending champion is Dominga.

Her team is U Got Beat By A Girl. I think that is a jab at the 11 men in the league.

Here’s how I drafted. I held the 7th pick.

1st round-RB Willie Parker (solid and the main my in Pittsburgh)
2nd round-RB Edgerrin James (I really wanted Cedric Benson but he went right before)
3rd round-WR Terrell Owens (He led the NFL in TD catches)
4th round-QB Tom Brady (No way I should land a top 6 QB in this round)
5th round-TE Jeremy Shockey (I think he’s a top 3 TE)
6th round-WR Vincent Jackson (Norv Turner will make him a “Playmaker”)
7th round-RB Cadillac Williams (He was a dud last year, but great value in round 6)
8th round-QB Eli Manning (I think he’ll be better in ’07)
9th round-WR Chris Chambers (QB Trent Green will get him the football)
10th round-RB Lamont Jordan (The Raiders offense will be better…count on it)
11th round-WR Brandon Jones (I regret this pick already)
12th round-WR Drew Bennett (I’m thinking he’ll be great in the red zone)
13th round-DST Raiders (not much too choose from at this point)
14th round-TE Heath Miller (trade bait if Shockey stays healthy)

Newy Scruggs

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OU Honors The Great Billy Sims

Oklahoma will open the season against North Texas. The will honor 1978 Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims with a statue. Now that is cool.

Here are some of the details:

The “unveiling” of Billy’s statue will be on Saturday, September 1, 2007 at 3:30pm. The actual statue ceremonies will be at OU Heisman Park, across from the stadium and diagonal to the Barry Switzer Center.

We want to remind everyone of this great event. We also have collectible T-shirts for sale representing the unveiling. The T-shirt can be purchased online at or at a number of the the events that Billy will be in appearance. T-shirt sales will also be available in various areas on Campus Corner during and prior to the ceremonies (and on Game Day).

Newy Scruggs

Tom Brady’s Son Doesn’t Have His Name

“Actress Bridget Moynahan announced Tuesday the name of their son — John Edward Thomas Moynahan.” That’s what I read on the A.P. wire today.

Tom Brady is the father, but he broke up with Moynahan. The Patriots quarterback has moved on to supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

She must hate him because she didn’t even give the kid his last name.

Newy Scruggs

Mike Vick… What Black People Should Do Now

Coming up in Saturday’s Star-Telegram on Page 2 of sports I’ll have my column about Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

I’ll give a strong take on how a certain number of black people need to stop defending Mr. Vick and what they should do now. Here’s a sample of that column:

Once again I find myself scratching my head at a number of those in the black community who want to stand by another black millionaire who’s involved in a high profile crime.

New York Knicks guard, Stephon Marbury gave us his thoughts on Michael Vick, “We don’t say anything about people shooting deers and shooting other animals, you know what I mean? From what I hear, dogfighting is a sport.. I think he fell into a bad situation.”

A sport? No. This just in Stephon, dogfighting is a felony. Hunting is not an illegal activity. Marbury is in left field if he truly believes Vick “fell into a bad situation” when the quarterback was the one financing the operation?

We in the black community have to stop giving ultra rich millionaires outs and excuses when the law is clearly broken. It’s time to let Michael Vick know he let his people down.

We all make mistakes, but running a dogfighting ring isn’t a mistake, it’s just stupid.

Please read the rest in the Star-Telegram.

I didn’t write this in that column, but I do believe Michael Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL after he serves his possible jail time and serving an upcoming suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the league’s code of conduct policy.

He will never play for Arthur Blank’s Falcons again. If and when he is allowed to play again he’ll probably sign as a backup quarterback. Time may heal some negative press, but I just don’t think Vick will get a starting job when he comes back.

If broadcaster Marv Albert, who pleaded guilty to sexual assault and battery against a woman, came back to the national airwaves, I think Vick can serve his time and return to football.

Newy Scruggs

T-New Is Out!!

The news is not good for the Cowboys secondary.

Wade Phillips says starting corner Terence Newman will miss Saturday’s pre-season game against Houston and Minnesota.

Newman has a bruised heel.

This is a good time for another young corner to step up and show he belongs.

Nate Jones got toasted last week for a 90 yard score. He needs a nice showing. Joey Thomas needs to makes some plays to land a roster spot.

Next year I expect the club to use a first day selection on a corner. Aaron Glenn will start in Newman’s spot. Aaron is 63 years old in corner years.

Newy Scruggs

Who Knew Baylor Fans Cared

It seems I stirred up the “millions and millions” of Baylor Bear football fans in the Metroplex last night.

I said football coach Guy Morriss put his house up for sale and that it couldn’t be good for recruiting.

The horror!!!

It’s made big news on the message boards. The TCU site, and Baylor’s message board

I got four emails from those who read the posts and decided they had to give me a piece of their minds. This was the funniest one:

Heard you took a cheap shot @ BU about GMorris’ house up for sale. Throw it out there for sensationalism, so folks will tune back in or to effect recruiting. You’re not a reporter. has been. Good news is few take you seriously anyway. Keep it up, Mack will throw you a bone.


I replied and let MB know that people take me a lot more serious than the Baylor football program. MB might want to learn how to spell his coach’s last name right as well.

I course they take my words seriously…that’s why they are emailing me.

Why are Bear fans so upset? Morriss IS on the hot seat. The school is letting him dangle with just two years left on his contract. That’s unheard of in today’s big time college coaching circles.

Now he’s selling his house? Does all of this look positive or negative?

Now I got some email response saying Morriss was downsizing his crib since his kids are all gone. Even if that is true, it still doesn’t look good. is full of posts from fans who want Morriss gone and replaced with Mike Singletary or somebody else.

I didn’t make Baylor football a bottomfeeder. I haven’t written any posts saying Morriss should be run, but his fans have.

This is from the Dallas Morning News (July 30, 2007) on Morriss and his employment issues at the school:

Few Baylor administrators and regents would comment about Morriss, and none would comment on his contract.

School president John Lilly declined two interview requests. University spokeswoman Lori Fogleman said: “It’s standard practice here at the university that we don’t comment on personnel matters, including contracts.”

Athletic director Ian McCaw issued a statement in response to an interview request, referring to confidentiality clauses as they relates to contracts. However, he said the outlook for this season is promising.

“We are looking forward to continued progress in our football program under the leadership of Coach Morriss and are very excited about the 2007 season,” McCaw said in the statement.

You don’t need a law degree to figure out there is not a lot of support for GuyMo in Waco among those who count. They have a divided house and that is not the way you build a Top 25 program.

Funny thing is… I didn’t know Baylor fans cared this much.

Newy Scruggs

Vick Did It To Himself

I have zero sympathy for Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick. Zero.

Vick will plead of guilty to federal dogfighting conspiracy charge. How dumb can a man be?

Vick was given a $130 million dollar contract from Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, and Vick repays him by being an alleged money man in a dogfighting ring.

You can’t defend this. Vick fans can not spin this. He threw away his career doing something illegal.

Some Vick supporters say “it’s just dogs.” Sorry. Americans will always be angered when children, animals, and the elderly are hurt or taken advantage of.

I think of black quarterbacks like Marlon Briscoe, Shack Harris, Doug Williams, and Warren Moon fought so hard to become signal callers in the NFL and paved the way for a player like Vick to be taken number one in the 2001 draft.

Those men had to fight to get the opportunity to play the position.

Vick’s mess just brings back all the old stereotypes. “You can’t trust them with big money”, “Are they ready to be the face of the franchise” and it makes me sick when a man like Vick sets back the work of others and makes it harder for the young black men coming up.

Vick let down his owner, teammates, fans, and the city of Atlanta. Jim Mora once called Vick a “coach killer”. Now you can call him a franchise killer. The Falcons have a very tough road this season.

Vick had a great life as an NFL player…now it’s all over. He did it to himself.

Newy Scruggs

Andy Dalton Is The TCU Starter

I just learned from Coach Gary Patterson that TCU will start redshirt freshman, Andy Dalton, at quarterback.

Patterson told me, “We feel like we have two starters.”

Sophomore Marcus Jackson will be the backup.

The Frogs open the season September 1st against Baylor at TCU.

Newy Scruggs

Selig Hooks Up Giambi

MLB Commish Bud Selig gave Yankee Jason Giambi a get out of jail free card. Giambi was on the juice in his heyday, he even won the American League MVP in 2000.

He admitted to using “that stuff” which is steroids. Giambi claims he was wrong to do it.

Selig let him off the hook without a suspension. “He’s doing a lot of public-service work, and I think that’s terribly important,” Selig said. “I think it’s more important for us to keep getting the message out. He was, I thought, very frank and candid with Sen. Mitchell, at least that was the senator’s conclusion. Given everything, this is an appropriate decision.”


Sorry, I can’t take this. Selig and baseball continue to drop the ball on this issue.

This is why I not all up in arms about Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s record. Bonds used “that stuff”. I don’t care if he hasn’t failed a test. Baseball never did anything to stop all the juicers. They made their made so now they have to sleep it.

Gary Sheffield admitted he used the clear. No suspension.

It seems if the message Selig is putting out: Talk with Mitchell and all is forgiven. Snitch and play without penalty.

Newy Scruggs

Romo Was Almost A Bronco

On draft day Broncos head coach and Eastern Illinois Alum, Mike Shanahan called EIU’s Tony Romo and offered him 20-grand to sign.

Romo, an admitted John Elway and Bronco fan, decided to sign a free agent deal with fellow EIU alum, Sean Payton and the Cowboys for only 10K.

“It’s never been about money,” said Romo, “The thing with me is, it’s just about playing the game and having fun doing it. This is just a good situation. Denver was, too. It really came down to Denver and Dallas. I think I made the right choice right now. We’ll see.”

Romo told the story at his locker today after the morning practice. He and Shanahan had a chance to talk during the scrimmage.

Jerry Jones, almost lost Romo over a measly 10G’s. Jones got lucky.

Newy Scruggs

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