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Jay Novacek Sighting

Right now Jay Novacek might be considered the best tight end in Cowboys history.

Hall of Famer, Mike Ditka, did catch a pass for the Boys in Super Bowl VI, but he came to Dallas near the end of his playing days.

I say Novacek is the gold standard around here.

Jason Witten is about to pass him. Witten has in some areas.

He’s the first tight end in Cowboys history to make at least 60 receptions in three straight seasons. He’s got 3 Pro Bowls to his credit, Novacek made five.

Witten had a team record 87 grabs in 2004.

Today at practice Novacek gave Witten some insights to this new offense. Watch my interview with Novacek by clicking here.

Romo to Witten could be a popular tandem the way Aikman to Novacek was for three Super Bowl titles.

Witten must improve on his TD numbers. Last year he only caught one.

T.O. Is Looking Good

Terrell Owens is having a fine camp. T.O. says he’s in better shape than last year.

Today T.O. lit up Anthony Henry and Nate Jones for touchdowns.

I think T.O. can have a monster season. They want to move him around on the field and make him a tougher match up for the defense.

T.O. hauled in 13 touchdown passes in 2006, that led the NFL. I expect him to put up better numbers.

Cowboys Cut Matt Baker

So much for QB, Matt Baker, becoming the next Tony Romo.

The Cowboys cut him to make a roster space.

Romo was a free agent. Baker was a surprise last year because the Cowboys cut Drew Henson to keep him on the roster.

Oh well. Bill Parcells and Chris Palmer are gone. The new coaches don’t have much faith I guess.

I see this as the opening for Matt Moore out of Oregon State. I don’t see Grapevine native Richard Bartel beating him out, but it is very early in camp.

Flozell’s Replacement

I am keeping a eye out second year backup tackle Pat McQuistan.

Adams is not 100 percent recovered from an offseason surgery so McQuistan has been running with the first team at left tackle.

“This offseason he really came on and was pleasantly surprising in the mini camps,” says offensive line coach, Tony Sparano, “So putting him in there right now is really more curiosity than anything else. I want to see if this guy is the next guy in the game. As it looks right now, I feel pretty good about him.”

I caught up with McQuistan after the teams second practice and he tried to downplay his prospects of the being the man who protects Romo’s blindside as a future starter, “I look at it rep by rep. Just taking snaps.”

McQuistan was inactive for 15 games in his rookie season last year. The club expects the former seventh round draft pick to make a great improvement this fall.

“I really do,” Sparano told me with with confidence, “Pat was a pleasant surprise last year. He really came on well towards the end of the year. Every day in practice this guy has to block Demarcus Ware, every..single…day, that was his job.”

Signed…Spencer For Hire

The Cowboys signed 1st round draft pick, linebacker Anthony Spencer.

We talked a few months back and decided we’d call him “Spencer For Hire”. It was a TV show back in the day.

I think it’s a catchy nickname. We need to get something for DeMarcus Ware. He told me after the early practice he’s enjoying the new defense.

Spencer gets $6 million in guarantees and $9 million over five years. LB Akin Ayodele says the rookie will be spending some of that new cash on dinner for his fellow linebackers at a expensive joint.

Wade Phillips expects him to back up Greg Ellis, but he’s injured again. Spencer should have an impact this year if he can stay healthy and learn the plays.

My 1st Day At Camp

I got here right on time. The Cowboys finally hit in pads today. Yesterday was foo-foo stuff.

The defense is ahead of the offense, according to Coach Wade Phillips.

You could tell that Tony Romo and Brad Johnson had to get rid of the football earlier than they wanted.

Keith Davis picked off a Romo pass that was behind Jason Witten. Davis is now the backup behind Roy Williams.

Terence Newman told me that the zone blitzes threw the QB’s off and he likes it.

This is the 1st of two practices for the Cowboys today.

Don’t forget…the webcast comes your way at 12:30 CST.

P.S. T.O. held another long presser with the media today. Somebody needs the spotlight.

Day Off

Cowboys training camp starts today. I’m not going to be there.

July 25th is a very special day in my house… my little one turns 1.

There is nothing like that first birthday.

So, please excuse me for missing the first day of camp, but July 25th is a day of celebration for us at the Scruggs household.

I’ll be in San Antonio tommorrow.

Newy Scruggs

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