The NFL Had To Sack Vick

Michael Vick did it to himself.

The NFL didn’t want him at training camp and for all the horrible national bad news he was bringing the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons I can’t blame them.

Don’t try to bring up Ray Lewis and his murder case a few years ago. Let’s be honest, most Americans aren’t too sympathetic to black on black crime. Nobody knew the men who were murdered in Atlanta, but almost everybody has a dog they love or loved at one some point in their life.

PETA was ready to make Falcons training camp a daily embarrassment for Vick and the franchise. The NFL didn’t want anymore bad publicity.

Terence Moore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said it best:

He’s gone. Whether that means for the season or forever in the NFL is debatable, but this isn’t: No way Michael Vick ever plays again for the Falcons.

No way Michael Vick ever can play again for the Falcons.

More specifically, given the ugliness and the intensity surrounding his dogfighting indictment, no way Michael Vick ever should play again for the Falcons. The fact that the NFL ordered the beleaguered quarterback on Monday night to stay away from training camp was the beginning of the end for Vick in Atlanta.

If nothing else, Vick is guilty of stupidity in the first degree. He says he wasn’t aware of illegal dogfighting in this case, but it happened on his property in Virginia for five years. Plus, most of those involved were from his boyhood “crew” that he regularly swore allegiance to despite the criminal past of its members and warnings from former coach Dan Reeves.

Vick says his family is to blame. He may be right, but that won’t do him any good right now. His summer of turmoil has become a fight to save his NFL career… maybe his freedom as well.

I don’t see how the Falcons don’t cut him after the season.

And what NFL team would go out of there way to sign a alleged dog killer to its roster?

Vick might be playing in the AFL in 2008.

Newy Scruggs


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