Grant Hill Talking To Mavericks

The Mavericks are looking to add guys to their roster to make sure next spring they are not bounced in the first round.

Gerald Wallace is a guy they like and are talking to, but give me Grant Hill. Let Wallace
re-sign in Charlotte.

Yeah, Hill is 34.

Yeah, he’s injury prone.

But Hill is still a winner and the kind of guy I’d let take a last second shot.

I remember being at the 2006 NBA Finals and thinking Gary Payton was washed up.

Man, that guy came out and helped close two games with jump shots and his desire to take it to the hole. Payton wasn’t “The Glove” anymore, but I know for a fact, his veteran presence was a factor in helping the Heat beat the Mavericks after being down 0-2 in the series.

That is why I have interest in a guy like Grant Hill.

Hill just wants to win a title. After banking 92 million in Orlando, he seeks the ring, something all his money can not buy.

The Suns want him. The Pistons want him. The Mavericks want him.

The Suns have a great up and down system any player would enjoy.

The Pistons know how to win and Hill started his career in Motown.

The Mavericks offer him a chance for play for a club that knows how to get to the Finals and his father works for the Cowboys.

Dallas may be a long shot, but I’d rather have a shot, than no shot at all.

Newy Scruggs


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