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Tony Romo Wants The Cash

After 11 starts and making the NFC Pro Bowl squad, Cowboys QB Tony Romo wants his cake.

Romo says he wants a new deal before the season starts. He’s got one year left at 1.5 million.

How much do you pay him?

Personally, I wouldn’t pay Romo… yet. Make him play another season and then let him cash in.

Let’s be honest, making the Pro Bowl in the NFC is not a big deal.

Now if Romo had made the AFC squad, that would be something.

The AFC boasts Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Steve McNair, Philip Rivers, Vince Young, and Ben Roethlisberger. Four of those QB’s have taken clubs to the Super Bowl.

I’d like to see more of Romo before giving him a 50 million dollar deal. If he’s great in ’07, then pay him. Franchise him if you have to.

If Romo is not the real deal or gets injured, the Cowboys then used one of their two 1st round draft picks on a QB.

Nothing motivates a player like the last year of his contract. GM Jerry Jones should keep Romo motivated.

Newy Scruggs

Big 12 Needs A New Leader

After nearly 10 successful years, Kevin Weiberg, is leaving his post as the Big 12 commissioner.

The man did some very good work.

He’s leaving to become an executive for the new Big Ten TV Network.

Now the person they need to look at to replace him would be Christine Plonsky.

She’s the women’s AD at Texas.

Newy Scruggs

"Ocean’s 13" Review

Wait for the DVD to come out.

Ocean’s 13 was the worst of the three remakes.

Old plot. Rob another casino against all odds.

They went from Julia Roberts (Ocean’s 11), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Ocean’s 12) to Ellen Barkin.

As Elmo says, “Which one of these doesn’t fit?”

Al Pacino is the villain but this movie is too predictable.

Save your money at the box office.
Newy Scruggs

Dale Jr. Made The Right Move

They win championships at Rick Hendrick Motorsports.

That’s why Dale Earnhardt Jr. had to roll with them. This will be a great race team in 2008.

Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson will show him how to work and get to the level he needs to be a NASCAR champion.

Dale Jr. is no youngster anymore. He’s in his 30’s. It’s time to win a title.

Now Dale Jr. fans will have to stop throwing trash at Gordon since they are teammates.

Newy Scruggs

Another Round of "Fire the Manager"

My media friends had another round of Fire Ron in the papers.

I just don’t think you can give an honest judgement on a manager just 63 games into his first season.

That is unfair.

In covering presidents the media likes to talk about a new administration’s first 100 days. Washington hasn’t gotten 100 games in and and some in the DFW media think he should be fired.

Because he got into with his catcher? Because the first baseman had to hear some harsh words.

Funny, if Bill Parcells did this, it’s all good. If Washington does it… he should be fired.

No doubt Wash has stepped in some poo this year as a new skipper.

Willie Randolph had some mistakes his first season as the Mets skipper. Buck Showalter (the last scapegoated manager) told me he had some first year screw ups.

It’s time to stop scapegoating skippers in Arlington and look to the GM (Jon Daniels) and the owner (Tom Hicks) to get this ship in the right direction.

This roster is not good and the farm system lacks prospects. Last time I checked, Ron Washington isn’t in charge of those areas.

Newy Scruggs

Fire Ron Washington?

Come on now, why does everyone think firing the manager in Arlington solves this team’s problems?

Didn’t work with Jerry Narron, Buck Showalter, and it’s not gonna work with Ron Washington.

Washington has made mistakes as a first year skipper, but to hear and read local media types calling for his head is amazing and wrong.

This team is awful. They can’t hit, pitch, are defend. When do the players get the blame?

The Chicago Cubs enter the week with a mere four more victories than the Rangers. I don’t see any columns or talk show hosts calling for the firing of first year skipper, Lou Pinella.

The Cubs are spending 99.9 million on a a club that will not make the playoffs.

The Reds, A’s, Twins, and Brewers are spending more money than this year’s Rangers club.

Kevin Millwood and Vicente Padilla are making a combined 18.8 million this season. Staff ace, Millwood is 2-5 with a 7.57 ERA. Padilla cashed in big over the winter and has a record of 2-8 and his ERA is appalling at 6.28.

Remember all that fuss because Kam Loe had a great spring but wasn’t named the fifth starter? When he got his chance… poof. 1-6 in ten starts and the team put him back in the minors.

Mark Connor is the pitching coach. Nobody is saying fire him. Washington didn’t hire him. He was told he had to take him and other coaches as well.

Second baseman Ian Kinsler has 13 errors. That’s that the worst at his position in the majors. He’s a second year player the club expected big things from. Is it time to send him down? I don’t hear that being talked about.

Nelson Cruz was sent down to Triple-A after starting the season in right field. OF Brad Wilkerson continues to underperform and live on the disabled list. These were players GM Jon Daniels traded for.

Frank Catalanotto’s free agent signing was big news. He’s been a flop. Is that Wash’s fault.

It’s been reported Mark Teixieria and Wash have had some unpleasant words, but it doesn’t matter. Tex has about 45 days left as a Texas Ranger, then he’ll be traded.

Fire Wash and hire who?

Maybe Jim Reeves of the Star-Telegram will finally get his man, Trey Hillman, to be the next Rangers manager. Hillman has never spent a day in the bigs as a coach. Managing in Japan is not The Show. I don’t see the Rangers hiring another first time MLB manager after Washington.

Maybe Randy Galloway of the same publication will start to give the GM and owner more blame for this sorry club that was put together. Name a great trade Daniels has made? You can’t.

Right now the whole outfit in Arlington is rubbish, manager, players, and executives.

Newy Scruggs

I’m Still On Vacation

Blog fans, sorry I’ve been away. We’ll back in action next week.

I’m enjoying some time off from the Big 5.

Go see the movie Knocked Up. This film had me laughing out loud, constantly, and I even teared up.

I saw it at the Studio Movie Grill. Nice stop. Excellent for people in the dating game. I took my wife and we had a blast. I’ll go see Ocean’s 13 tonight.

The Rangers continue to stink, nuff said.

I’m going to the Indy Race Saturday night at TMS. I get to watch it like a fan since I’m on vacation. They have the best finishes in the IRL at Texas Motor Speedway.

Cowboys LB Greg Ellis has to accept the fact the Cowboys got over on him. He signed a bad deal a few year ago and needs to fire the agent he used, if he hasn’t already.

Man it’s fun to see Paris Hilton is going back to jail. That crying scene is right on time. She’s screaming for her mom to help her! That’s great stuff. Pure comedy to see the little rich girl crying because she thought she pulled one over on the judge. I miss working in L.A.

Have a solid weekend and we’ll be back it next week!

Newy Scruggs

King James

LeBron James is amazing. 22 years old and the next great player in the NBA.

I stayed up and watched him drop 48 points on the Pistons, in their house Thursday night.

It was amazing. King James has the killer instinct I wish Dirk Nowitzki had more of.

If Dirk had more of that, the Mavericks would have won the NBA Title in 2006.

James scored 25 straight points for the Cavs in the game. He scored 29 of their last 30 points to close out Game 5.

Now the Cavs are one game away from the NBA Finals.

Newy Scruggs

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