Tank Johnson To The Cowboys?

Yep, Tank Johnson is a guy that could plug into the Cowboys 3-4 defense and fit in fine. Johnson does need a job since he was cut by Bears things week.

That’s according to my man, Matt Mosley, of ESPN.com.

I had a nice chat with M&M after listening to him do radio for the local DFW ESPN Radio affiliate this morning.

This is a taste of what my man wrote on his Hashmarks blog:

In fact, I just talked to a member of the organization who said Johnson would be a “perfect fit” in head coach Wade Phillips’ 3-4 defense. He said the Phillips scheme actually works better with inside players who have flourished in the 4-3, as Johnson has, because it requires them to line up at different spots along the line and use their quickness to make plays.

I’ve covered this team when they have gambled on guys with character questions. Charles Haley, Alonzo Spellman, Demetrius Underwood, T.O. and last year’s winner of the DWI Award, Marcus Coleman.

Look at the list, only one guy was a true hit, Haley. T.O. is still to be decided. The rest really were not worth the trouble.

Tank Johnson couldn’t keep his nose clean after getting out of jail, why should he be on his best behavior if he comes to Dallas? Guys in trouble usually stay there.

Yes, Tank is 26. Yes, he could do a lot to help the Cowboys defense..but do you trust this man out on the streets of DFW with guns and booze (some of his favorite things)?

Keep in mind, he still has to sit out 8 games for violation the NFL’s player conduct policy. Johnson could get more games because of being pulled over by the Arizona cops last week.

M&M and I wondered should the Cowboys roll the dice. Here’s the question I debated? Who keeps him in line? Is the locker room strong enough to keep Johnson from screwing up again?

Newy Scruggs

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