Mavs Shouldn’t Make The KG Trade

The Mavericks are players in this Kevin Garnett trade talk and I don’t like it.

You’ll have to give up too much of your roster to make the deal work.

Why are the Mavs chasing this? You didn’t see the Spurs blow up their core after losing to a quicker and younger Mavs team in the 2006 playoffs.

They came back with their core and won the 2007 Finals.

The Colts were the top seed and got beat by a Wild Card Steelers team two years ago. Did they blow up their team? No. They went back to work and won the Super Bowl back in February.

Look at the teams rumored to be linked to Minnesota for this KG deal. Boston, bad franchise. Lakers, desperate franchise. Phoenix, can’t be the Spurs or Mavs the last two years.

The Mavericks are above those teams. They need to make moves that matchup with beating the Spurs. If you lost Devin Harris to a deal for KG, who guards Tony Parker? We see how Cleveland couldn’t do that in the Finals.

The Mavs will have to give up Josh Howard, Desegana Diop, and maybe Devin Harris to land Garnett.

Coach Avery Johnson told me last week he didn’t want to give up “8 or 9 guys” to do a deal.

The Mavs should make their calls, but ultimately, sit out the KG deal.

Newy Scruggs

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