AK47 In MavsLand?

The Salt Lake Tribune had this juicy bit in Friday’s edition:

Jazz owner Larry Miller told a story on the radio Thursday from a couple of years ago, when Andrei Kirilenko was an All-Star and Donnie Nelson was working as an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks on his father’s staff.

According to Miller, Nelson approached him after a game and offered any player on the Mavericks roster plus draft picks for Kirilenko, then one of the youngest and most dynamic players in basketball. The offer was rejected then. It wouldn’t be now.

“When that happened with Donnie Nelson, I said, ‘He’s untradeable,’ ” Miller said in his last weekly appearance of the season on 1280 AM. “Today, I won’t say that.

Gotta like that if you are a Mavs fan.

At 6-9, Kirilenko can play defense, block shots, run the floor, and score.

The Jazz owe him 63 million through 2010-11, they don’t want to pay that to a player they are slamming on radio and in local newspaper. Miller said in the Tribune, “I don’t want to hang it over his head as a threat, and I’ll make clear that it’s not a fire sale, but if there were a situation that was better for Andrei and better for us, we definitely would consider it.”

I know the thought of Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett in a Mavericks uniform sounds better, but AK in a Mavs uni makes more sense, if you want to keep the core of your roster together.

I spoke with Avery Johnson about trades Friday. Look for his quotes in my Saturday Star-Telegram column in Satuday’s Page 2 Edition.

Look for the club to deal guard Jason Terry. The Jet is truly on the runway.

Imagine a starting lineup of:
PG-Devin Harris
SG-Josh Howard
F-Dirk Nowitzki
F-Andrei Kirilenko
C-Erick Dampier

Folks, that’s a darn good roster. I’d hate to lose Jason Terry, but this is a move that could improve the team.

Newy Scruggs

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