Fire Ron Washington?

Come on now, why does everyone think firing the manager in Arlington solves this team’s problems?

Didn’t work with Jerry Narron, Buck Showalter, and it’s not gonna work with Ron Washington.

Washington has made mistakes as a first year skipper, but to hear and read local media types calling for his head is amazing and wrong.

This team is awful. They can’t hit, pitch, are defend. When do the players get the blame?

The Chicago Cubs enter the week with a mere four more victories than the Rangers. I don’t see any columns or talk show hosts calling for the firing of first year skipper, Lou Pinella.

The Cubs are spending 99.9 million on a a club that will not make the playoffs.

The Reds, A’s, Twins, and Brewers are spending more money than this year’s Rangers club.

Kevin Millwood and Vicente Padilla are making a combined 18.8 million this season. Staff ace, Millwood is 2-5 with a 7.57 ERA. Padilla cashed in big over the winter and has a record of 2-8 and his ERA is appalling at 6.28.

Remember all that fuss because Kam Loe had a great spring but wasn’t named the fifth starter? When he got his chance… poof. 1-6 in ten starts and the team put him back in the minors.

Mark Connor is the pitching coach. Nobody is saying fire him. Washington didn’t hire him. He was told he had to take him and other coaches as well.

Second baseman Ian Kinsler has 13 errors. That’s that the worst at his position in the majors. He’s a second year player the club expected big things from. Is it time to send him down? I don’t hear that being talked about.

Nelson Cruz was sent down to Triple-A after starting the season in right field. OF Brad Wilkerson continues to underperform and live on the disabled list. These were players GM Jon Daniels traded for.

Frank Catalanotto’s free agent signing was big news. He’s been a flop. Is that Wash’s fault.

It’s been reported Mark Teixieria and Wash have had some unpleasant words, but it doesn’t matter. Tex has about 45 days left as a Texas Ranger, then he’ll be traded.

Fire Wash and hire who?

Maybe Jim Reeves of the Star-Telegram will finally get his man, Trey Hillman, to be the next Rangers manager. Hillman has never spent a day in the bigs as a coach. Managing in Japan is not The Show. I don’t see the Rangers hiring another first time MLB manager after Washington.

Maybe Randy Galloway of the same publication will start to give the GM and owner more blame for this sorry club that was put together. Name a great trade Daniels has made? You can’t.

Right now the whole outfit in Arlington is rubbish, manager, players, and executives.

Newy Scruggs

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