Sad/Happy Day For Dirk

Dirk Nowitzki was awarded the 2006-07 NBA MVP award at the American Airlines Center this morning.

Folks, it was a sad press conference. Dirk was excellent and addressed the fact he was disappointed because the Mavericks were out of the playoffs right out of the gate in his acceptance speech.

He should have. Dirk didn’t come through in the playoffs and it hurts. Now people are wondering if he should have won the award (yes).

It’s tough to feel good about being named the best basketball player in the world when the last two playoff series you were in you didn’t play well and your team failed (The 2006 NBA Finals and the 1st round loss to the 8th seeded Golden State Warriors).

“Honestly, this is a tough day for me,” the first ever European born player to win the award said.

“Let’s face it, these are not great circumstances. As time passes — 20 or 30 years from now — I’ll look back at this as a very special day. But right now, it’s tough.”

I felt sorry for the guy. He was almost apologetic about winning the thing, the first player in Mavs history no less.

There was no sold out building with 20-thousand Mavs fans chanting, “MVP, MVP, MVP” as NBA commish, David Stern, handed him the award. No jumbotron video going full of
Dirk-ilicious slam dunks and three point bombs. Just a room full of reporters, three teammates, and team officials to congratulate the 7-foot German.

Mavs owner, Mark Cuban, teared up. He knows some fans and media are down on his franchise player.

Hopefully, Dirk can enjoy his MVP in the future. Today, he didn’t.

Newy Scruggs


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