Rangers Live

I feel for my fellow sportscasters and producers at Fox Sports Net. I don’t know how they continue to put on Rangers Live night after night.

The show comes on after Rangers games air on the cable channel FSNSW.

Talk about trying to put lipstick on a pig!!

The Rangers are not a good baseball team. They have a losing record, the 2nd worst ERA in the majors, they’ve committed the most errors in the American League.

Their top two starters (Kevin Millwood and Vicente Padilla) are a combined 3 and 7.

Fans don’t care, unless its fireworks night at Rangers Ballpark, but John Rhadigan, Ric Renner, Emily Jones, Dana Larson and others have to make losses look good on TV.

“Hey, the team almost got no hit again, but what a great job by the Rangers finding a way to score a run and not get shutout,” that’s something along the lines they have to work with each night.

All the Fox Sports channels have a “Somebody” Live show. Rockies live is for the fans in the Rocky Mountain region. Like anybody wants to watch that! Pirates Live! The Bucs are only 8 games out of first place.

I feel sorry for my colleagues because they can’t come out and tell the truth. These shows are nothing more than an infomercial for the baseball teams.

The Rangers got smoked by a bad Yankees team 9-2 on Tuesday. After the game former Ranger Mark McLemore and co-host John Rhadigan had to do their best to spin the Rangers 4th straight loss to the Yankees this year.

The highlights are showing Rangers double plays in the 1st inning. Hey, they have to fill time.

What’s needed is some honesty about how errors and bad pitching allowed the Yankees to go from down 1-0 to an 8-1 lead after 5 innings. That won’t happen, the Rangers management will call FSNSW and complain.

Newy Scruggs

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