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Stars Win?

I like the Stars chances in Game 7 tonight….even in Vancouver.

Stars goalie, Marty Turco, is has shutout the Canucks his last two games at GM Place.

Vancouver has lost 4 series in the franchise history after being up 3 games to 1. They have a history of choking.

The Stars can win this series tonight. I gave up on them after losing both games at home. Shows you what I know right?

If the Stars win tonight, they take on the Red Wings. Why fly all the way to Vancouver and lose? Just win baby.

Newy Scruggs

Mavs Lay Egg

67 wins and the Mavs get spanked at home in Game 1 of the playoffs?

Please tell me that didn’t happen!

Oh, it did and I was there in the building watching the Mavericks play right into the hands of Golden State.

How about Baron Davis scoring 26 of his 33 points in the 3rd quarter. I’ve known that kid since he was a high school star in Santa Monica. He’s a bad brother at the point.

If you watched NBC 5 sports before the game you would have seen us tip you off on how Baron Davis was the guy the Mavs needed to stop. I was at the Saturday practice and I got a bunch of good sound on why he was the key.

When Mavs coach Avery Johnson started Deaven George and not Erick Dampier I didn’t like the move.

Why come out and play Nellieball?

The Mavs started a lineup of Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Deavan George, and Devin Harris. They never started that group of five all year. I didn’t like the move.

So now Golden State has taken away homecourt advantage. They have won five games in a row in Dallas going back to 2004.

Check my earlier blog, I said Mavericks in six games. This series will not be easy.

The Mavs must win Game 2 in Dallas. Looks like I better book my hotel room for Game 6 in Oakland.

Newy Scruggs

Spears Slams Bill Parcells

Marcus Spears has no love for former Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells.

Here’s some quotes from a 20-minute sit down he had with me recently:

Spears believes he was not used correctly by the Tuna, “It’s definitely been a humbling experience for me because I came in expecting to play well and be able to do what I do and play the game the way I played it in college. I thought that’s what I was drafted off…to get here and be doing something different with a whole different mindset, it’s been tough. It’s not my style of football.”

“It’s a double edged sword when you get into a word to word with your head coach about they way he’s doing things and they way you want to do things. Now we have the opportunity to make plays.”

Spears told me he is very excited to be playing for Wade Phillips. Last year his Chargers defense led the NFL in sacks. Spears is ready to be turned loose and by able to get after the quarterback.

Last year Spears had ONE sack. He’s only got 2.5 sacks in his 2 years as a Cowboy defensive end. That’s not cutting it for a former first round draft pick.

2007 needs to be a breakout year for him or folks might start calling him a bust.

Newy Scruggs

Stars Extend Their 1st Round Series

Give the Stars credit for mustering up a win in Vancouver.

How good is Marty Turco? This is his 2nd straight shutout on the road. Very impressive. I thought for sure he’d blink in another OT game. Turco was everything the Stars needed.

Brendan Morrow was the hero with the game winner. 1-0 was the final.

Now Game 6 is interesting. The Stars haven’t been good on home ice.

We’ll find out Saturday night at 7pm.

If they extend the series to a Game 7 in Vancouver I think Turco, Dave Tippett and others will be safe. If the Stars would have been eliminated in five games I think it would have been a lot of people traded, fired, etc.

Newy Scruggs

The Last King Of Scotland: Newdawg Review

Forrest Whitaker won the 2007 Oscar for his portrayal as Ugandan leader, Idi Amin.

Outstanding movie.

Now, it’s not a true story. They take lots of liberties in the movie, so do not look at it is 100% fact. The film takes on the myth of Idi Amin.

He was in power during the 1970’s. He wasn’t a nice man, like any dictators are.

Whitaker is scary as Amin and deserved the Best Actor Oscar win.

It is worth catching on DVD.

Newy Scruggs

Nellie Gets The Mavs

Great job by Don Nelson to get the Warriors back into the playoffs for the first time since 1994.

Fans should boo him like crazy on Sunday in Dallas for Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs

Don’t give me this, “He built the Mavericks into what they are now.”

Nellie quit on the Mavericks. He made Mark Cuban pay him to leave and now Nellie is suing the club!

That makes him an enemy.

The Mavericks need to win this series. I say six games.

I know the Warriors swept the Mavericks in 3 games this year and they cause matchup problems, but come on, you know Avery Johnson will have a gameplan and over seven games the best teams always wins in a 7-game format.

No. 8 seed has even beaten a number 1 seed. Don’t look for it to start in 2007.

Dirk Nowitzki told “It’s a tough matchup. They’re really playing well at the right moment of the season. They’re finally healthy. Baron being in and out of the lineup a lot during the season really hurt them, but they really picked it up at the right time.”

Newy Scruggs

Very Bad SI Photo Of Dirk, Nash And Cuban

This is a photo that should have NOT been taken.

It looks like picture taken by Sports Illustrated in 2000. The Mavs ditched those uniforms after their last year in Reunion Arena.

An MVP candidate should not be riding his owner. Dirk may not live that one down.

This photo is wrong in so many ways.

And Steve Nash has this look like, “I’m next!! I get to ride on Marky.”

Newy Scruggs

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