Nellie Gets The Mavs

Great job by Don Nelson to get the Warriors back into the playoffs for the first time since 1994.

Fans should boo him like crazy on Sunday in Dallas for Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs

Don’t give me this, “He built the Mavericks into what they are now.”

Nellie quit on the Mavericks. He made Mark Cuban pay him to leave and now Nellie is suing the club!

That makes him an enemy.

The Mavericks need to win this series. I say six games.

I know the Warriors swept the Mavericks in 3 games this year and they cause matchup problems, but come on, you know Avery Johnson will have a gameplan and over seven games the best teams always wins in a 7-game format.

No. 8 seed has even beaten a number 1 seed. Don’t look for it to start in 2007.

Dirk Nowitzki told “It’s a tough matchup. They’re really playing well at the right moment of the season. They’re finally healthy. Baron being in and out of the lineup a lot during the season really hurt them, but they really picked it up at the right time.”

Newy Scruggs


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