Fishy Tuna

So Bill Parcells needed 16 days to decide he didn’t want to coach the Cowboys again.

I feel for his former assistants. They will live in limbo while good jobs have been taken. Parcells was selfish by taking so long.

Of course The Tuna went fishing for the Giants GM job before the club reportedly told him they didn’t want him. That told me the guy should have been fired.

So, where to do they Cowboys go next?

Mike Martz.

This guy can run an offense. You just don’t want him controlling personnel like he did in St. Louis. When Lovie Smith ran his defense, the Rams made it to the Super Bowl. Martz was just arrogant in Super Bowl XXXVI by throwing too much against the Patriots.

Martz made Jon Kitna a four thousand yard passer in 2006. Kitna never threw for so many yards in his career. Kitna torched the Cowboys four touchdowns in a Lions 39-31 upset victory back in December.

Jerry Jones has a Pro Bowl quarterback who needs to keep developing. Tony Romo. His confidant, David Lee, is leaving to Arkansas. Sean Payton is already gone. Martz would make Romo a better player.

The Cowboys became great when Norv Turner worked so well with Troy Aikman. Jones must make sure Romo keeps getting better.

Martz will leave the defense alone. All the Jones’ need to do is find a man to run their 3-4 defense. The club must find another good special teams coach to fill the void of the departed Bruce DeHaven.

Martz can coach. I think he is worthy of another shot. Martz could be the man to make T.O. happy.

Newy Scruggs

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