Martyball… Right On Time!

Chargers fans should be sick. If the Bolts don’t choke against the Patriots, they are playing in the Super Bowl. I don’t see how the Colts would have beat them.

Well… I do. Martyball.

Right on time!

New England played terrible. Just terrible. Tom Brady was terrible with three picks. It was all there for the Chargers… they gave it away.

Doggone it. I knew it. I knew it. Marty Schottenheimer just can’t win big playoff games. The numbers don’t lie, a playoff record of 5-13, says it all. Martyball can’t get you a ring. It just gives fans a winter of discontent.

Give the players blame as well. Dumb penalties and fumbles did them in, but man those guys will be sick this offseason. 14-2 and homefield advantage does not come around very often.

Martyball may have played its last season in San Diego. GM A.J. Smith is no fan of his head coach. This could be his best chance to lop him off. After all, the Chargers blew an
8-point fourth quarter lead.

Poor L.T., he deserved better. Somewhere in the French Quarter, Drew Brees is happy his a Saint.

Newy Scruggs

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