Look Out T.O.

The bus that ran him over was driven by Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News.

You’ve got to read his smackdown of Terrell Owens. Taylor wrote it December 28th. He’ll be cut off from interviews by publicist, Kim Etheredge.

Here’s a taste of the pain Taylor dished out:

“The whining. The excuse-making. We’re all tired of it. Rarely has a player generated so many statistics and so little impact.

The good news is you’re an irrelevant figure in the Cowboys’ locker room. In Philadelphia, you divided a team; here, you wield no power. You should see your teammates roll their eyes when informed of your latest ploy for attention.”

Seems like guys in the room finally came out and said it. Owens talks too much and doesn’t come up big. Corner Terence Newman had to be pointing a finger #81’s way.

Taylor continues to bring the heat:

“You haven’t made the Cowboys a better team, which is what adding a dynamic receiver with game-breaking potential was supposed to produce. If the Cowboys beat Detroit, as expected, they will finish one-game better than last year, but without the coveted NFC East crown or a home playoff game.

Jerry Jones deserved more, considering he’s paying you $10 million this season.

He deserved a catch on fourth-and-2 against the Giants in October with the game still in doubt. He deserved that apparent 74-yard touchdown catch against the Redskins in November that would’ve never given Washington an opportunity to rally. And he deserved the 50-yard catch that might’ve given Dallas enough impetus to slip past the Eagles on Monday.

You dropped all three.

After Monday’s game, you had the audacity to say it’s difficult to concentrate when you’re not involved early in the game. You say every other team you’ve played for has made sure you got the ball in the first half.

Your memory is faulty. In the last five seasons, 2003 is the only time you’ve had considerably more passes directed your way in the first half (62.3 percent) than the second half. Every other year, the percentage of passes directed your way in the first half has been about 50 percent.

That’s called making an excuse.”

Yep, that was the JT Bus that nailed T.O. That was one heckuva column.

Newy Scruggs

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