Rangers Get Brandon McCarthy…I like it.

I love the Rangers trade for 6-7 Brandon McCarthy. Mostly because the White Sox fans in Chicago hate the trade.

A Chicago Tribune fan poll reveals 69.9% think sending McCarthy for John Danks, Nick Masset and Jacob Rasner is a mistake.

This is the headline from columnist Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune: “GM Williams rolls dice with dubious trade of McCarthy”

Jay Mariotti’s Chicago Sun-Times column headline said: “Trade-happy GM butchers rotation by dealing McCarthy”

Rogers wrote: “Say this for the man (GM Ken Williams): He’s certainly swinging for the fences this winter, trading known quantities for pitchers with big upsides but no guarantees.The five-player swap that sent McCarthy to Texas for left-hander John Danks and right-hander Nick Masset carries huge risk. But Williams concluded that the potential reward in adding two power arms for one polished workhorse was worth a roll of the dice. Good luck on that.”

Mariotti opined: “Try as I do to retain a holiday spirit, somebody will have to explain why Williams is butchering his pitching rotation and his team’s 2007 World Series hopes. Last summer, he hailed a 6-7 stud named Brandon McCarthy as the next great Sox arm, the second coming of Black Jack McDowell, a certainty for the rotation next season and beyond. So valued was McCarthy, Williams said no when the Washington Nationals demanded him in a possible deadline deal for Alfonso Soriano, who, at the very least, could have been a history-changing, three-month rental on the South Side. I said it at the time, and I’ll say it again: It was a dumb call, with the Sox stumbling in the second half largely because they lacked a potent leadoff hitter. Basically, Williams sacrificed a possible repeat championship to protect 23-year-old McCarthy for the future.”

See what I mean. You read stuff like this…you have to love the trade of Brandon McCarthy to the Rangers.

The only downside is that Williams has put together a World Series champion in Chicago, so he’s got a track record there while Rangers GM Jon Daniels best trades made San Diego a playoff team in 2006.

Newy Scruggs

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