Out Coached Again!

What else can I say. The Eagles came out on Christmas Night and simply outplayed the Cowboys from start to finish.

I’m glad I had the night off and didn’t drive out to Texas Stadium to see that performance.

Once again, the Cowboys stink it up on national TV. OK, they did beat Washington and Carolina on NBC’s Sunday Night Football and won on Thanksgiving Day against the lowly Tampa Bay Bucs. Neither one of those teams will have a winning record when the season is over.

But let’s not forget that 25 point beat down the Saints gave them on NBC. Or that drubbing against the Giants on Monday Night Football that lead to the benching of Drew Bledsoe. Both of those games were at Texas Stadium.

I think Bill Parcells was outcoached. Sean Payton did it too him and so did Andy Reid.

It looks like the Cowboys could end up playing in Seattle in the first round of the playoffs. Losing the NFC East title at home 23-7 on Christmas Day is not acceptable.

Newy Scruggs


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