When The Author Of Children’s Books Spits

Terrell Owens has released a children’s book. He expects to release more.

The next one should be titled, “Little T Likes To Spit On People”.

T.O. said he spit on Falcons corner DeAngelo Hall in the Cowboys 38-28 win on the NFL Network.

This news can’t be good for the Christmas book sales. I have kids, I wouldn’t buy that book for them.

T.O. likes to make it seem as if he’s the victim. He justified spitting by saying Hall, “kept bugging me and getting in my face.”

Man T.O. just can’t help himself. He goes on ESPN and talks about how he’s a human being. He writes in his book T.O. how he was picked on by other kids growing up.

He claims he apologized after the game. Hall called Owens a liar about the apology.

T.O. is playing hurt. We should be talking about how he’s playing with a torn tendon in his right ring finger. He could have had surgery and ended his 2006 season. That’s stuff that makes legends. Doctors say T.O. won’t be able to bend that finger for the rest of his life..
BUT……we’re spending more time talking about Owens spitting on Hall.

I just couldn’t believe that weak defense he offered up Deion Sanders after the game on the NFL Network. That, “he kept bugging me and getting in my face.”

T.O. likes to say “I’m a human being” when he wants sympathy. He talks about respect and not being disrespected by others. The man is a walking contradiction.

Newy Scruggs

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