T.O. Can’t Be Happy

T.O. is just the kind of guy you can’t make happy. Michael Irvin’s sit down interview with him ESPN’s Countdown show proved it.

T.O. complained about his money in Philly and ended up getting fired.

Now he’s unhappy with what he calls leaks of private information and claims he can’t trust anyone anymore. Boo-damn-who.

Enough. Stop It.

Terrell can be a difference maker on the field, but it’s the other stuff that wears on people.

Nobody likes a sensitive man. Nobody. T.O. is overly sensitive. I don’t know how Bill Parcells and his teammates deal with it.

One moment he’s been disrespected. Another moment he’s hurt his old girlfriend didn’t call when he accidentally overdosed. He can’t trust Todd Haley (Cowboys receivers coach) because he leaked out information. T.O. feels things are overblown when he’s involved.

In Hollywood they call women like that Drama Queens or Divas. I wonder if those labels fit T.O. just fine.

The guy has talent…I wish he’d be quiet, stop dropping passes, and make the plays a guy pulling down $10 million a year should.

Newy Scruggs

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