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Look Out T.O.

The bus that ran him over was driven by Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News.

You’ve got to read his smackdown of Terrell Owens. Taylor wrote it December 28th. He’ll be cut off from interviews by publicist, Kim Etheredge.

Here’s a taste of the pain Taylor dished out:

“The whining. The excuse-making. We’re all tired of it. Rarely has a player generated so many statistics and so little impact.

The good news is you’re an irrelevant figure in the Cowboys’ locker room. In Philadelphia, you divided a team; here, you wield no power. You should see your teammates roll their eyes when informed of your latest ploy for attention.”

Seems like guys in the room finally came out and said it. Owens talks too much and doesn’t come up big. Corner Terence Newman had to be pointing a finger #81’s way.

Taylor continues to bring the heat:

“You haven’t made the Cowboys a better team, which is what adding a dynamic receiver with game-breaking potential was supposed to produce. If the Cowboys beat Detroit, as expected, they will finish one-game better than last year, but without the coveted NFC East crown or a home playoff game.

Jerry Jones deserved more, considering he’s paying you $10 million this season.

He deserved a catch on fourth-and-2 against the Giants in October with the game still in doubt. He deserved that apparent 74-yard touchdown catch against the Redskins in November that would’ve never given Washington an opportunity to rally. And he deserved the 50-yard catch that might’ve given Dallas enough impetus to slip past the Eagles on Monday.

You dropped all three.

After Monday’s game, you had the audacity to say it’s difficult to concentrate when you’re not involved early in the game. You say every other team you’ve played for has made sure you got the ball in the first half.

Your memory is faulty. In the last five seasons, 2003 is the only time you’ve had considerably more passes directed your way in the first half (62.3 percent) than the second half. Every other year, the percentage of passes directed your way in the first half has been about 50 percent.

That’s called making an excuse.”

Yep, that was the JT Bus that nailed T.O. That was one heckuva column.

Newy Scruggs

Stars Thoughts

Is it just me or does it look like the Dallas Stars could be headed for a tough season?

They are injured and in 3rd place.

If playoffs started today, they’d be a 6 seed. Not what they had in mind.

The Stars are just 2 points behind San Jose for second place in the Pacific Division, so it’s not that bad, it’s just not what Stars fans have come to expect.

On the bright side, the NHL All Star game is coming to Big D in January.

Newy Scruggs

Rangers Get Brandon McCarthy…I like it.

I love the Rangers trade for 6-7 Brandon McCarthy. Mostly because the White Sox fans in Chicago hate the trade.

A Chicago Tribune fan poll reveals 69.9% think sending McCarthy for John Danks, Nick Masset and Jacob Rasner is a mistake.

This is the headline from columnist Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune: “GM Williams rolls dice with dubious trade of McCarthy”

Jay Mariotti’s Chicago Sun-Times column headline said: “Trade-happy GM butchers rotation by dealing McCarthy”

Rogers wrote: “Say this for the man (GM Ken Williams): He’s certainly swinging for the fences this winter, trading known quantities for pitchers with big upsides but no guarantees.The five-player swap that sent McCarthy to Texas for left-hander John Danks and right-hander Nick Masset carries huge risk. But Williams concluded that the potential reward in adding two power arms for one polished workhorse was worth a roll of the dice. Good luck on that.”

Mariotti opined: “Try as I do to retain a holiday spirit, somebody will have to explain why Williams is butchering his pitching rotation and his team’s 2007 World Series hopes. Last summer, he hailed a 6-7 stud named Brandon McCarthy as the next great Sox arm, the second coming of Black Jack McDowell, a certainty for the rotation next season and beyond. So valued was McCarthy, Williams said no when the Washington Nationals demanded him in a possible deadline deal for Alfonso Soriano, who, at the very least, could have been a history-changing, three-month rental on the South Side. I said it at the time, and I’ll say it again: It was a dumb call, with the Sox stumbling in the second half largely because they lacked a potent leadoff hitter. Basically, Williams sacrificed a possible repeat championship to protect 23-year-old McCarthy for the future.”

See what I mean. You read stuff like this…you have to love the trade of Brandon McCarthy to the Rangers.

The only downside is that Williams has put together a World Series champion in Chicago, so he’s got a track record there while Rangers GM Jon Daniels best trades made San Diego a playoff team in 2006.

Newy Scruggs

Out Coached Again!

What else can I say. The Eagles came out on Christmas Night and simply outplayed the Cowboys from start to finish.

I’m glad I had the night off and didn’t drive out to Texas Stadium to see that performance.

Once again, the Cowboys stink it up on national TV. OK, they did beat Washington and Carolina on NBC’s Sunday Night Football and won on Thanksgiving Day against the lowly Tampa Bay Bucs. Neither one of those teams will have a winning record when the season is over.

But let’s not forget that 25 point beat down the Saints gave them on NBC. Or that drubbing against the Giants on Monday Night Football that lead to the benching of Drew Bledsoe. Both of those games were at Texas Stadium.

I think Bill Parcells was outcoached. Sean Payton did it too him and so did Andy Reid.

It looks like the Cowboys could end up playing in Seattle in the first round of the playoffs. Losing the NFC East title at home 23-7 on Christmas Day is not acceptable.

Newy Scruggs

TCU… Another Great Season

Northern Illinois didn’t belong on the same field as TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl December 19th in San Diego. They won 37-7.

TCU held the nations leading rusher, Garret Wolfe, to just 28 yards on 20 carries. NIU only had 60 total yards of offense.

That win made it a 11-2 season. TCU is just one of three schools to win 11 games three out of the last four seasons.

The Frogs didn’t win the Mountain West Conference, but they will finish the season ranked again.

BYU won the league and they have a great team. It’s unfortunate both schools are not in BCS conferences. All of a sudden Louisville is taken seriously because they got to join the Big East.

I know if TCU could have made the move along with the Cardinals, Cincinnati, and South Florida they would have been playing in a major bowl and not the first lower tier bowl to kick off the season. TCU beat the Cards two of the three times they played as C-USA members.

After leaving the Southwest Conference TCU has been going from the WAC to Conference USA to the Mountain West.

My point is, until TCU can get into a major BCS conference it’s going to be tough for them to get the kind of respect they deserve. Going undefeated is hard. Boise State did it this year and they will get to play New Year’s Day.

It’s harder to sustain excellence year after year the way the Frogs have versus going undefeated one year and never sniffing the Top 25 the year after. Look at Utah. They went unbeaten three years ago but haven’t been back in the Top 25. How good will Boise State be next year. I give those schools big respect for running the table and earning a New Year’s Day bowl bid, so I don’t want anyone to think I don’t respect them.

I just think what the Frogs have done the last few years deserves more props. If they were 11-2 and playing in the Big East they would get plenty of love. Gary Patterson would be turning down Alabama, not Rich Rodriguez.

Newy Scruggs

Gagne Could Be Great For The Rangers

The Rangers introduced Eric Gagne and it was the first time I got to talk to him since 1999 at Vero Beach when he was a starter for the Dodgers

New skipper Ron Washington said he was happy to give up his #38 jersey to the former Cy Young Award winner. Washington told me what he really liked about Gagne’s press conference was how he spoke about winning. Wash says that’s what it needs to be about, winning.

Gagne signed a one year deal for 6 million. He could earn up to 11 million with a solid season. He is the closer. Aki Otsuka was outstanding last year taking over for Coco Cordero, but he’s going back to pitching the eighth inning.

This is a solid move for one reason… the risk is nothing and the reward could be great. If Gagne is solid, the Rangers could move Aki for a very good player in a trade.

If these two guys can close down the 8th and 9th, starters like Kevin Millwood, Vincente Padilla and Robinson Tejeda could get by pitching six or seven innings.

Now…if they can get Barry Zito under contract.

Newy Scruggs

When The Author Of Children’s Books Spits

Terrell Owens has released a children’s book. He expects to release more.

The next one should be titled, “Little T Likes To Spit On People”.

T.O. said he spit on Falcons corner DeAngelo Hall in the Cowboys 38-28 win on the NFL Network.

This news can’t be good for the Christmas book sales. I have kids, I wouldn’t buy that book for them.

T.O. likes to make it seem as if he’s the victim. He justified spitting by saying Hall, “kept bugging me and getting in my face.”

Man T.O. just can’t help himself. He goes on ESPN and talks about how he’s a human being. He writes in his book T.O. how he was picked on by other kids growing up.

He claims he apologized after the game. Hall called Owens a liar about the apology.

T.O. is playing hurt. We should be talking about how he’s playing with a torn tendon in his right ring finger. He could have had surgery and ended his 2006 season. That’s stuff that makes legends. Doctors say T.O. won’t be able to bend that finger for the rest of his life..
BUT……we’re spending more time talking about Owens spitting on Hall.

I just couldn’t believe that weak defense he offered up Deion Sanders after the game on the NFL Network. That, “he kept bugging me and getting in my face.”

T.O. likes to say “I’m a human being” when he wants sympathy. He talks about respect and not being disrespected by others. The man is a walking contradiction.

Newy Scruggs

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