Carolina wins!! And The Mavs Get #11

Carolina hoops is the last true sports passion I have.

Last night the Tar Heels knocked off #1 ranked Ohio State. I loved watching every minute of it with my 4-month old.

She decided to sleep through it all, but I was letting her know how Tyler Hansbrough was getting his mack on the court. 21 points and 14 rebounds by Pyscho T helped the Heels comeback against the Buckeyes.

I know OSU didn’t have super freshman, Greg Oden, but that team can still flat out ball. They should win the Big Ten hands down.

I love college basketball. I wish folks in Texas would get the passion for hoops like they do in ACC & Big Ten country.

So, watching the Heels meant I missed the Mavericks 11th straight win. But come on, Toronto wasn’t gonna do anything. Dirk is playing like one of the 5 best ballers in the NBA.

Erick Dampier is the reason this club is on a roll. I say that because when he brings a double-double to the floor they don’t lose. Damp got another one against the Raptors. It’s simple when he decides to make a contribution Damp and Dirk can combine for 20 boards a night.

Newy Scruggs


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