Romo-ness… Find It Cowboy Fans

I never thought Tony Romo could do this!

4-1 as the starter for America’s Team. He should be 5-0, but the Cowboys special teams forgot to block on that game winning field goal attempt gone wrong in Washington.

Bill Parcells gets the credit. I like riding the Tuna because when you take down the fat salary like he has, we have the right to expect fat results.

Romo has the Boys in first place and they may ride this thing to a NFC East title. The Cowboys have five games left and only one of them is against a winning club, the injured New York Giants.

It’s the Romo-ness that has fans and Jessica Simpson feeling good. You know like the movie, You, Me, and Dupree. Finding your “Ness”.

It’s the Romo-ness that has Dallas in first place. He’s brings the “7 Levels of Smoke” like Dupree did. 5 TD’s on Turkey Day, 10 TD’s since becoming the starter, four wins including one over the best QB in the game Peyton Manning.

Romo-ness. Remember it.

Newy Scruggs


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