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Carolina wins!! And The Mavs Get #11

Carolina hoops is the last true sports passion I have.

Last night the Tar Heels knocked off #1 ranked Ohio State. I loved watching every minute of it with my 4-month old.

She decided to sleep through it all, but I was letting her know how Tyler Hansbrough was getting his mack on the court. 21 points and 14 rebounds by Pyscho T helped the Heels comeback against the Buckeyes.

I know OSU didn’t have super freshman, Greg Oden, but that team can still flat out ball. They should win the Big Ten hands down.

I love college basketball. I wish folks in Texas would get the passion for hoops like they do in ACC & Big Ten country.

So, watching the Heels meant I missed the Mavericks 11th straight win. But come on, Toronto wasn’t gonna do anything. Dirk is playing like one of the 5 best ballers in the NBA.

Erick Dampier is the reason this club is on a roll. I say that because when he brings a double-double to the floor they don’t lose. Damp got another one against the Raptors. It’s simple when he decides to make a contribution Damp and Dirk can combine for 20 boards a night.

Newy Scruggs

Romo-ness… Find It Cowboy Fans

I never thought Tony Romo could do this!

4-1 as the starter for America’s Team. He should be 5-0, but the Cowboys special teams forgot to block on that game winning field goal attempt gone wrong in Washington.

Bill Parcells gets the credit. I like riding the Tuna because when you take down the fat salary like he has, we have the right to expect fat results.

Romo has the Boys in first place and they may ride this thing to a NFC East title. The Cowboys have five games left and only one of them is against a winning club, the injured New York Giants.

It’s the Romo-ness that has fans and Jessica Simpson feeling good. You know like the movie, You, Me, and Dupree. Finding your “Ness”.

It’s the Romo-ness that has Dallas in first place. He’s brings the “7 Levels of Smoke” like Dupree did. 5 TD’s on Turkey Day, 10 TD’s since becoming the starter, four wins including one over the best QB in the game Peyton Manning.

Romo-ness. Remember it.

Newy Scruggs

Rangers Got It Right on Matthews

Gary Matthews Jr. is one of the classiest kids to wear a Texas Rangers uniform. He always came to play and was a reporter’s dream to work with.

When “Little Sarge” made the All Star team so many people were happy for the kid because he was such a hard worker and a nice guy. Count me in the group.

All that said, the Rangers were right not to match the Angels offer of $50 million over 5 years.

G-Money is 32. That’s a lot of dough to pay a guy who’s only hit .300 once, 2006, and doesn’t have a long track record of success in the bigs as an everyday centerfielder.

I’m not mad at the player, Bill Stoneman (Angels GM) flashed the cash and Matthews was smart to take it.

The Rangers need to wait for Vernon Wells of the Blue Jays and Torii Hunter of the Twins to become free agents after the 2007 season. Both Gold Glovers live in the DFW area. Wells is four years younger than Matthews and wants to play in Arlington.

Newy Scruggs

Cowboys Upset Indy

No way you think the Cowboys can force two Peyton Manning interceptions and a fumble with linebacker Greg Ellis out for the season. No way.

I’ll give Bill Parcells credit, he had his boys ready to go at Texas Stadium.

The Cowboys knocked off the previously undefeated Colts 21-14 with a great fourth quarter by the offense and defense.

Tony Romo and the O held the ball for 10:14 of the final stanza. The good old keep away game worked to perfection. After going up 21-14 on a Marion Barber TD run, Manning only got the ball one more time and the defense held.

The play of the game we won’t talk about is the 3rd and 7 the Cowboys converted with 2:09 left in the game. If Romo doesn’t hit Terry Glenn in stride the Colts get the ball back with at least 1:15 left and I’m not sure if the defense would have held up.

Last year Drew Bledsoe had a problem finishing the game and milking the clock. I go back to the Redskins and Giants games at Texas Stadium. Dallas had to beat the Giants in overtime while they lost that heartbreaker on Monday Night to Washington.

If the Cowboys win Thanksgiving Day against Tampa Bay they will be 7-4. That makes them a legit team to make the playoffs and even win the NFC East.

Philly lost Donovan McNabb for the year and the Giants are losing top lineman on both sides of the ball to injuries. The Cowboys can “do something” as Parcells likes to say.

Now if they can only get Mike Vanderjagt to make some darn field goals. This guy is stealing money.

Newy Scruggs

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