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Newy’s Weekend Picks

I’m going to Austin for the Texas-Ohio State game. #1 vs. #2.

The top ranked Buckeyes are two and a half point dogs to Texas. The Horns have the nations longest winning streak.

I don’t like a red-shirt freshman (Colt McCoy) making his second college start against Ohio State. I don’t like the fact the Horns best corner, Tarell Brown, has been suspended for the game.

Ohio State will have issues in the fourth quarter. They are not used to the Texas heat. I do believe it will have an effect on them later in the contest.

Last year’s contest was an epic and Vince Young led the way. I’ll take Ohio State to cover the spread in this one. The reason, quarterback Troy Smith.

Here they are:

Ohio State covers against Texas. The Horns are 2 & half point favorites.

Tennessee over Air Force. The Vols are 20 point favorites.

LSU takes out Arizona. The Tigers are 15 point favs.

My NFL picks are as follows:

Philly (-5) over Houston

Saints will lose in Cleveland (-3)

And the Cowboys cover in Jacksonville (2)

Newy Scruggs


NBC Is Back In The NFL

The NFL is back on NBC!!!

The Dolphins had a 17-14 lead in the 4th quarter and couldn’t hold on. The World Champs came up with big plays, just like they did in their last game…a win in Super Bowl XL.

Charlie Batch threw a 87-yard touchdown to tight end Heath Miller. That made it 21-17 Pittsburgh.

Daunte Culpepper really struggled. He missed receivers. You could tell he had happy feet early in the game and missed two chances for touchdown passes.

I wonder if Carson Palmer will struggle like that in the Bengals opener.

Both QB’s are coming back from knee injuries.

Newy Scruggs

NFL Prediction

I’ll pick the Cowboys to win 10 games. 11 games if Julius Jones rushes for 1,200 yards.

I won’t give you a Super Bowl pick because I really don’t want to read the angry emails when I’m wrong…again.

Newy Scruggs

Slappy T Is Back

So Rangers owner, Tom Hicks, goes on the Ticket with my buddy Norm Hitzges and starts popping off about a lack of leadership and mental toughness on his team.

That’s why I’ve called him Slappy T in the past. His statements on the radio this week just smacked around his best players. If I’m Mark Teixiera or Michael Young I’m steaming.

If I’m Buck Showalter I sell my house and start leasing a nice place in downtown Fort Worth. Since when does the owner start “snopping” around the clubhouse and admits it? Buck may manage in 2007, but after that….who knows what Hicks will do.

This is a classic case of a owner not looking in the mirror. When you look at leadership, Tom Hicks is failing.

He fired Doug Melvin claiming the minor leagues were not stacked. The fact is the best players on the roster came in under Melvin. Tex, Young, Blalock became Rangers under Melvin.

Hicks hired John Hart as general manager and that failed. Meanwhile, the other candidates he didn’t hire have gone on to success as GMs for other clubs. Dave Dombroski in Detroit and Omar Minaya with the Mets. Minaya, a former Ranger employee, couldn’t get a face to face interview with Hicks.

On mental toughness, Hicks changes his stance every other year on key issues. He gave Alex Rodriguez 252 million. He loved him then traded him away and talked bad about him to improve his status with Ranger fans.

He liked Jerry Narron then let Hart dump him. Now Narron has the Reds in the playoff chase.

Hicks said Grady Fuson would succeed John Hart and reneged. He once spent big money now the Padres, Blue Jays, and Mariners have higher payrolls than Rangers according to

The Rangers are insignificant outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. Slappy T is doing a great job of making them insignificant inside the Metroplex as well.

Newy Scruggs

Texas Star Corner Arrested

Texas corner, Tarell Brown, picked the wrong week to get arrested.

The top ranked Buckeyes come to Austin Saturday and they have a great wideout in Ted Ginn, Jr. Brown was supposed to lock him up.

Instead, Brown (from North Mesquite) got locked up after a being in a car driven by a former teammate on Monday morning. Brown was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapons and marijuana charges.

Not smart. Why would a guy on the national champions need a guy in Austin? All those guys are loved down there.

No word yet if Brown will play this Saturday. I’d doubt it. Maybe he should have gone to Tech. They always chant, “Get your guns up!”

Newy Scruggs

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