Don Nelson is Back

Gee, his old team went to the NBA Finals without him. So how long did it take Don Nelson to get back into the “Association”? 2 months.

No surprise here. Nellie came to Dallas in 1998 and did great rebuilding job. Avery Johnson took over after Nellie got tired of dealing with Mark Cuban and AJ became the NBA Coach of the Year and the Mavs advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in team history.

Only Nellie’s old media drinking buddies gave him props. The rest of the national basketball media loved up Avery so that’s another reason why I think Nellie is back.

I don’t care what he says, he wants to win a championship. Nellie played for the Boston Celtics in the glory days. The man has played on championship teams and with Hall of Fame players. He wants to win a title.

If Art Shell can come back and coach the Raiders… why not a Nellie re-run in Golden State?

They’ve been trash since he left. They haven’t made the playoffs since Nellie skipped town after a fallout with the owner. The Bay Area would love to see the old Run TMC days.

Richie Whitt wrote on the Dallas Observer blog that Nellie hated Cuban so much he quit. I think that’s fair. Lord knows he wasn’t working towards the end. Avery and Del Harris ran practice.

Good luck to Nellie. Dallas is better off with A.J. and the Warrior fans have a guy who can help them get back to the playoffs.

Newy Scruggs

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