Cowboys Out Of The Baseball Business

What’s that old saying, three strikes out you’re out? Yeah, that’s the old baseball saying.

Now somebody go repeat it to Jerry Jones. The Cowboys GM (he’s the only also) should stay away from failed baseball players who can’t convert into pro football quarterbacks.

Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, and now Drew Henson.

Henson will not be on the roster this season. The Cowboys are trying to trade him, but with his contract reportedly going until 2011 I don’t see it.

One player told me last year that Bill Parcells wasn’t a Henson fans and he’d be surprised if he ever played while Parcells was the coach. The Tuna wasn’t the Henson fan, it was Jerry Jones. That player was right on the money.

I was in Oxnard for the final week of training camp and man, Henson just never got any real reps. You could see free agent, Matt Baker, taking all types of reps while Henson barely got any work.

On August 17th, I interviewed Henson about the lack of work in camp and the Seattle pre-season game. He gave a politically correct answer, but you could see the kid was frustrated.

Henson needed to be gone, for his sake and the fact Parcells wasn’t going to play him. The Tuna didn’t see a future for him so he let the kid go. That’s the fair thing to do.

He got one start with the Cowboys. A Thanksgiving Day game in which Parcells pulled him after two quarters for his pet Vinny Testaverde.

The Cowboys gave Houston a 3rd round draft pick for Henson in 2003.

Maybe next time Jerry Jones will use a draft pick on a player with a better on field college resume.

Newy Scruggs

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