Cliff Notes on T.O.’s Book: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Interview

The “soft” interview was not “soft” at all. TO goes deep into his unhappiness with the Eagles, his contract, and McNabb. Owens is asked about Irvin’s comments on ESPN, claiming the Eagles would be undefeated if Green Bay quarterback, Brett Favre, lead the team instead of McNabb.

Page 172: “I just feel like just what he brings to the table..I mean he’s the guy. Obviously, a number of commentators will say he’s a warrior. He has played with injuries. iIjust feel like [with] him being knowledgeable about the quarterback position, I just feel we’d be in a better situation.”

Page 174: “If there is a situation where they have a change of heart and they want to come to their senses and do the right thing, I would be more than happy to be here. But at this time, I’m being honest with myself and really trying to look toward the future. And I just don’t see myself really being here. And that’s not because I don’t want to be here, but I just don’t foresee them trying to do the necessary things to keep me here.”

TO figures out “friend” is not what Bensinger was to him. ESPN cut all the negative parts of his interview and played them over and over. That was the last straw for the Eagles. TO never played another game after that “soft” interview.


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