Cliff Notes on T.O.’s Book – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Training Camp

This chapter is very revealing. Owens goes into how he reported to Eagles training camp unhappy with his contract and was not going to accept the team’s position of not renegotiating.

At this point McNabb was trashing Owens in the media and did not support him on securing a new contract with the team.

Owens wanted a trade if the team wouldn’t play ball. They said no. Play for us or don’t play at all.

Page 123: “They made their point that they would not redo my deal or trade me. They made it clear that they weren’t willing to compromise in any way. They had no intention of do anything to make me feel better about the situation at all. In return, I told them that I was not happy with their position. I made it clear that I was gong to honor my contract and work hard to win football games on Sundays, but that his wasn’t going to be a good situation.”

Once again Owens felt disrespected and was not happy with anyone who didn’t support his position. He admits being angry at head coach Andy Reid. He was upset with the media.

Page 127: “I have no respect for the media anyway. Not just one, but many members of the media have tried to sneak down to Alabama and pry into my childhood. Through lies and manipulation, they’ve investigated the private lives of my family to get their story.”

Owens was raised by his grandmother and mother. Where was his father?

Page 129: “I eventually met my father, under circumstances that were not ideal. When I was eleven years old, I had crush on the girl who lived across the street. When my father found out about it, he told me I shouldn’t think that way about that girl, and when I asked why not, he told me the girl was my half-sister, and that he was my father. That’s how I finally learned who my father was.”

Damn. That’s pretty heavy stuff for a child to handle at eleven years old.

Newy Scruggs

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