Marquis Had To Go

Bottom line, Marquis had to go. He was Don Nelson’s guy, not Avery Johnson’s.

The Daniels trade may come back to haunt them, because when healthy, the kid can flat out play the game.

The Mavericks traded combo guard Marquis Daniels to the Indiana Pacers for 6-10 forward Austin Croshere.

Croshere is in the last year of his contract at $7.3 million. Look for him to backup Dirk Nowitzki.

Daniels needs to become a harder worker. Once he becomes one of the last players to leave the gym he may reach the “triple double” potential Avery Johnson thinks he has. For now, Daniels will save the Mavericks $19 million. Money they can use towards locking up Josh Howard long term this fall.

For all you bummed out Daniels fans, look at his this way. They have 1st round pick Mo Ager to fill his spot now. Ager is a better outside shooter and the Mavs believe, a better defender. Croshere should be more effective than Van Horn.

Great stat on by David Lord on Van Horn’s uselessness in the NBA Finals: “Van Horn was on this roster to be an outside force against teams like San Antonio and Miami, who have imposing big men. In the Finals, the Mavs badly needed a player with his skill set (outside shooting big man) to hit shots and force Mourning to the bench, and Van Horn didn’t. One very telling stat from the Finals was that Mourning’s plus-minus was +32, and Van Horn’s was -31. That’s your title – and that’s a major reason why Croshere is coming and Van Horn is leaving.”

So now you see why Van Horn will be a former Maverick.

Newy Scruggs

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