Dirk Calls Out Cuban

Finally, somebody with some juice said it. Dirk Nowitzki told the media at a Dallas Mavs hoops camp that Mavs owner Mark Cuban needs to take a chill pill.

“We can’t lose our temper all the time on the court or off the court, and I think he’s got to learn that, too,” Nowitzki said. “He’s got to improve in that area and not yell at the officials the whole game. I don’t think that helps us.”

The Mavericks owner is the best thing to ever happen to the franchise. Yes, I said the best thing to happen to the Mavs since their inception in 1980… BUT… Cuban needs to listen to his players.

If they think he shouldn’t be in the huddle, maybe he should take it to heart.

Cuban could care less what the media says about his ways, but he should take to heart what Dirk thinks.

I was at every Finals game and the Mavericks earned themselves a rep as big whiners. The difference to me in the series was after Game 3, the way the things were handled from the top.

Cuban cried and whined about the refs. After being down 0-2, Heat president and head coach, Pat Riley, just talked about playing better and trying to win three games in Miami.

Folks, it does start at the top. Both teams took cues from their leaders. Miami is a world champion today. The Mavs are trying to figure out how they let a title slip away. Some in Maverickville may argue my take on that, but I’m sorry, I saw it with my own two eyes.

Riley got his guys to believe in him and his message of “15 Strong”. While the Mavs did get some cruddy calls, they didn’t focus enough on the job and lost four straight games after taking a two games to none lead in the Finals.

Now… for the flip side. Dirk can’t put it all on Cuban. Dirk missed critical free throws at the end of games three and five. Cuban has been in the huddles for six years and the Mavs have done a lot of winning.

Newy Scruggs

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