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Was Lance Armstrong Cheating?

Can I wonder about Texan cyclist, Lance Armstrong?

Can I wonder if he really did use “something” to win one of his seven Tour de France titles?

This comes on the heels of another American claiming Armstrong took EPO while winning the most coveted bicycle race in the world.

If most sports fans think current San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds and former home run hitter, Mark McGwire used steroids, why can’t we wonder if Armstrong is not telling the truth?

Like Bonds, plenty of people are coming out against Armstrong.

From the A.P. this week:

“Betsy Andreu, the wife of Armstrong’s former teammate, Frankie Andreu, claimed that Armstrong, days after he underwent brain surgery in 1996, told a doctor he had used the blood-boosting hormone EPO and other drugs. Frankie Andreu also gave similar testimony before the panel.”

Former Tour de France winner, Greg Lemond, has called out Armstrong over the years as a cheat. To his defense, Armstrong keeps coming up clean in tests, like Bonds always has.

I have no agenda against Mr. Armstrong, but I keep hearing things. People keep saying things… it makes me wonder.

I can wonder.

Newy Scruggs

Mavs Lose to Riley the Motivator

I wonder who slept worse after the Heat clinched the 2006 NBA championship, Mavs players and coaches or the man who broke up the Lakers and sent Shaq to South Beach, Kobe Bryant?

Bryant didn’t want to play with Shaq anymore and the Mavericks allowed Shaq and Dwyane Wade to comeback from the dead after going up 2-0 in the series.

The Dallas Mavericks lost the 2006 NBA Finals in Game 3.

The Mavericks held a 13 point lead with 6:34 in the fourth quarter of that game.

During a timeout out Miami Heat coach, Pat Riley, wrote on the chalkboard “season” and that spurred the team on a comeback win.

Miami got off the mat and refused to be knocked out by Dallas and won four straight games to win the franchise’s first title.

Game 3 is were the Finals turned.

The Mavericks will never forget as Josh Howard said, a “lost chance of a lifetime.”

The refs didn’t steal a title from the Mavs. The players simply didn’t close the show in Game 3.

Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, should own up to that, instead of making the refs scapegoats.

Yes, Wade (the Finals MVP) got star treatment but he was held in check until that season turning 6:34 of Game 3 when he scored 12 points to seal the 98-96 win.

If… and can’t say it enough, IF, the Mavs kept that 13 point lead and won Game 3, the Heat would have folded.

The series would have been over.

Pat Riley, Antoine Walker, Dwyane Wade and Alzono Mourning said so after that miracle win in Miami during the postgame press conferences and the next day at practice.

After the series ended Mavs star Nowitzki admitted, “That Game 3 was big… We had the game under control with couple minutes left, and if we win that, the series is probably pretty much over, and we just maybe were starting to celebrate too early or I don’t know what happen end. We didn’t execute and we didn’t finish the game… and yeah if you look back at the Game 3 loss, it was a momentum changer.”

I wonder who wakes up first from the nightmare, Kobe or the Mavericks?

Newy Scruggs

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