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Clemens Using Rangers… Again.

Rangers owner Tom Hicks can’t get enough of Roger Clemens using him.

Hicks tried before to get the Longhorn Ex only to see him angle a deal to play for the New York Yankees.

Clemens made a visit to Rangers Camp in Surprise on Thursday. All he needed was Jerry Maguire around to shout, “Show me the money!”, since that is the only way the future Hall of Fame pitcher will wear a Rangers uniform on a very part-time basis in 2006.

GM Jon Daniels came up with a really nice stat that says on the days he pitched for Houston last year and on the days he pitched for the Rangers his record would have been 24-3 because of the run support the Rangers would have given him. Hicks says it would have won Clemens his 8th Cy Young Award with a 24-3 mark.

Nice way to twist things. Clemens went to the World Series with his hometown team last fall. I’m guessing that would’ve trumped going 24-3 and watching the postseason.

I’m not buying Clemens to Texas. Hicks needs to stop chasing Clemens and start spending more cash for top flight pitching.

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Barry Bonds and His Legacy

Giants slugger, Barry Bonds, used steroids. Shocker! A new book Game of Shadows, written by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters at the forefront of reporting on the BALCO steroid distribution scandal says so.

I knew this a long, long, time ago. I happened to be friends with one of Bonds’ old flames back on Los Angeles. Like any good scorned woman, she told all the dirt she could on Bonds. I won’t rehash it…sorry for those who want to hear about the juicy details.

Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Raffy Palmeiro, used the juice in their playing days.

Now the big question is how do you deal with each man’s candidacy for the Baseball Hall of Fame and their records. Each man has hit over 500 homers, long considered an automatic number to reach the Hall.

Did they cheat…yes. Was is illegal take steroids at the time? No, baseball did not have a policy.

I imagine all three will get in the Hall. Pitcher Gaylor Perry was a cheater…he got into Cooperstown. Last time I checked his records are all there with no asterisks.

Burleigh Grimes won 270 games as a pitcher…a spitball pitcher. The spitball was an illegal pitch.

Senator Jim Bunning admitted using a greaseball and spitter in his pitching days in Philly. Bunning is a Hall of Famer as is former Dodger ace, Don Drysdale, who Bunning said used a greaseball on the record. The Senator says Drysdale used it during his 58 scoreless innings streak.

Jason Giambi won the 2000 AL MVP award with the Oakland A’s and admitted to being on the juice. Same thing with Ken Caminiti in 1996, he won the NL MVP and later admitted to being on the juice. Those records are still standing.

Baseball has had cheaters for years. Let’s not act like these guys are criminals. Owners knew about this but they wanted the money and didn’t care.

McGwire is up for consideration this year. If he gets in on the first ballot I don’t see how Raffy and Bonds don’t since they had better numbers.

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Nothing Finer Than Carolina

Nothing better than putting the little one to bed and laying on the couch to watch Carolina beat #1 ranked Duke on Saturday night.

I told the wife if Carolina coach, Roy Williams, won the game we’d have to put a picture of him in the house. Well, Ol Roy beat top ranked Duke with a bunch of freshman and I need to go find a photo to hang of my favorite college hoops coach.

My eyes did water up as the Duke seniors were honored before the game. Any kid that gets to play for Duke or Carolina in basketball is getting an amazing four years of tremendous experience that I’m jealous of.

It’s the best rivalry in college hoops in the best conference in the nation. Since 2001 Duke, Maryland, and Carolina have all won the national title. Georgia Tech played for it all just two years ago. The ACC is the best hoops conference around.

Speaking of favorite coaches, somebody in Aggieland better cough up more cash for Head Coach, Billy Gillispie. Texas A&M won 20 games by beating Bob Knight’s Tech squad Saturday night in Lubbock.

Texas A&M hasn’t seen 20 W’s since 1980!! Jimmy Carter was the President. We didn’t even know about Reaganomics yet.

A&M has won 7 in a row and finished fourth in the Big 12. That folks, deserves a raise. I’m sure Aggie fans think Billy G is doing more to earn play than Coach Fran is over at Kyle Field.

I sure hope Billy G stays at College Station and tells the folks at Mizzou to go away if they call. Why leave Aggieland for Mizzou? The best years they have had in Colombia usually came with NCAA probation a few years later.

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