Kelvin Sampson… My UNC-Pembroke Homey is Gone

What a shocker. I never thought Kelvin Sampson would leave Oklahoma for a Big Ten School. I used to hear rumors he would end up at Arizona to replace Lute Olson or NC State.

Sampson dumped the Sooners for Indiana.

I can’t blame him. Sampson is like every coach with an ego, he wants to be at a university where he is the man and basketball is the top sport.

Every school is broken down as either a “football” school or “basketball” school.

The reason Mack Brown left North Carolina is easy, he was told in so many words Carolina basketball was more important. We know at Texas football is king and Mack is the man.

Indiana is a basketball school with a rich tradition. Kelvin Sampson and Bob Knight are NOT buddies so don’t look for Knight to give his blessing.

It will be very interesting to see how this shakes out. Some fans in the Sooner Nation think they will be better off without Sampson, the school’s all time winningest head coach.

Uh…sorry. Sampson upgraded. IU is one of the top ten hoops jobs in the country.

Sampson had the Sooners in the NCAA Tournament 11 times in his 12 seasons and went to the Final Four in 2002. He leaves amid NCAA allegations his staff made over 500 improper phone calls to recruits.

I still challenge the folks in Norman to find a better coach at a football school.

Some OU fans are talking about stealing John Calipari away from Memphis. Good luck. Cal likes being the man. He needs to be stroked and loved at all times. That will not happen at OU so don’t look for him in Norman.

Lorenzo Romar… no way he leaves his alma mater, Washington. Tommy Crean of Marquette? Who’s the man at Marquette? Tommy is. Who’s the man at OU? Bob Stoops. I think Crean will stay in the land of cheese! and in a great Big East conference.

Indiana fans will learn to love Sampson.

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