Jerry’s Regret

Why did Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, sign wide receiver, Terrell Owens, to a 3-year 25 million dollar contract?

I have a theory. Jones is always regretted NOT drafting WR, Randy Moss in the 1998 draft.

The signing of T.O. makes up for that. Jerry listened to the Cowboy fans who said they didn’t want any more bad characters on the team. They wanted players they could feel good about and cheer for.

What did listening to the fans get him? Nothing. The Cowboys missed out on one of the NFL’s most dynamic wide receivers in the game. Michael Irvin retired and the Cowboys haven’t had a Pro Bowl receiver since 1995.

This time, Jerry Jones, did it his way.

T.O. is here and he will change the game in Big D. Like him or not, the Cowboys offense got a lot better with #81 on! the team. Terry Glenn will get single coverage. Tight end, Jason Witten, will be able to roam free. This should be good for the offense.

Now how long it takes for Drew Bledsoe to get on his bad side? It will happen. Trust me. T.O. will have some days he’ll be mad at Bledsoe’s inconsistency. Keyshawn Johnson couldn’t wait to throw Bledsoe under the bus after being released last week.

Jones and Bill Parcells will have a circus on their hands, but I think Owens will be fine in 2006. Why? T.O. will want to prove everyone was wrong, like he did in Philly…the first year.

I expect the 2006 season to be wild around here. I wouldn’t have signed T.O. because of his past and I don’t think he can be happy in Dallas for three years.

But….the man deserves a chance. He got his second chance in Philly a! nd screwed it up, but he’s a Cowboy and as a media member, I have to deal with it.

I don’t think the T.O. experiment will blow up in Jerry’s face in year one. Look out in 2007. If he’s good in ’06 and ’07, T.O. will want a big extension to play in 2008. Now that could become a problem, as it did with Keyshawn Johnson.

I’ll give T.O. a chance.

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