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Anna Benson — No More Love for Kris

I thought Anna and Mets pitcher, Kris Benson were gonna make it. Nope. The marriage is over.

The women who once claimed she’d sleep with all of her husband’s teammates if he ever cheated on her has filed for divorce.

I got an email from Anna’s lawyer stating:

“Anna Lisa Benson filed a Divorce Petition today against her husband of seven years, Kris Benson, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. The petition was filed in Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Georgia, where the Bensons reside. Mrs. Benson’s Petition for Divorce claims the marriage is irretrievably broken. She also requests full custody of the parties’ two minor children, alimony, child support and equitable division of the parties’ marital estate.”

So, Anna is asking to be taken care of. Surpriseā€¦ those sexy covers of FHM magazine aren’t enough.

Anna is just 30 years old…what will she do the rest of her life?

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Kelvin Sampson… My UNC-Pembroke Homey is Gone

What a shocker. I never thought Kelvin Sampson would leave Oklahoma for a Big Ten School. I used to hear rumors he would end up at Arizona to replace Lute Olson or NC State.

Sampson dumped the Sooners for Indiana.

I can’t blame him. Sampson is like every coach with an ego, he wants to be at a university where he is the man and basketball is the top sport.

Every school is broken down as either a “football” school or “basketball” school.

The reason Mack Brown left North Carolina is easy, he was told in so many words Carolina basketball was more important. We know at Texas football is king and Mack is the man.

Indiana is a basketball school with a rich tradition. Kelvin Sampson and Bob Knight are NOT buddies so don’t look for Knight to give his blessing.

It will be very interesting to see how this shakes out. Some fans in the Sooner Nation think they will be better off without Sampson, the school’s all time winningest head coach.

Uh…sorry. Sampson upgraded. IU is one of the top ten hoops jobs in the country.

Sampson had the Sooners in the NCAA Tournament 11 times in his 12 seasons and went to the Final Four in 2002. He leaves amid NCAA allegations his staff made over 500 improper phone calls to recruits.

I still challenge the folks in Norman to find a better coach at a football school.

Some OU fans are talking about stealing John Calipari away from Memphis. Good luck. Cal likes being the man. He needs to be stroked and loved at all times. That will not happen at OU so don’t look for him in Norman.

Lorenzo Romar… no way he leaves his alma mater, Washington. Tommy Crean of Marquette? Who’s the man at Marquette? Tommy is. Who’s the man at OU? Bob Stoops. I think Crean will stay in the land of cheese! and in a great Big East conference.

Indiana fans will learn to love Sampson.

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Bad Brackets

Here’s my 5 reasons why my NCAA mens brackets was so bad….

5. NBC 5 made me do it.
4. NBC 5 made me do it.
3. NBC 5 made me do it.
2. I won it last year and wanted somebody else to take it.
1. Carolina wasn’t expected to go far. When the Tar Heels go far, so does my bracket.

At this point and time I want to say it’s been a great hoops year for me. All I wanted was for Carolina to get into the NCAA’s after losing their top 7 scorers off the 2005 National Championship squad and I didn’t want Duke to make the Final Four.

Hoop Dreams accomplished!!

Now I’m hoping George Mason can pull off the ultimate upset and win the Final Four. We haven’t since great upsets in the final game since NC State beat Houston in 1983 and Villanova over Georgetown in 1985.

Fans Want T.O.

All the those Cowboy fans who said they didn’t want T.O. are whipping out credit cards to buy the #81 jersey.

The Cowboys sold over 150 thousand Terrell Owens jerseys two days after the club signed him to a 3-year 25 million dollar contract.

All those fans who talked about character need to just be quiet. Fans care about players who can help their franchise win.

I remember all those fans who defended ex-Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers last year. Some idiot fans tried to blame the media for Rogers going off on local cameramen. It was a pure joke. All they cared about was Rogers being their top pitcher in 2005.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. T.O. needs to be given a chance. Things did go wrong in Philly and San Francisco, but I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

He’s got 10 million reasons to make it work with the Cowboys this year and 25 million over the next three seasons.

T.O. will have a chance to put up more numbers in his incredible career. If he starts to look at his numbers now, he may want to change his perception so he can get a serious look for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Jerry’s Regret

Why did Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, sign wide receiver, Terrell Owens, to a 3-year 25 million dollar contract?

I have a theory. Jones is always regretted NOT drafting WR, Randy Moss in the 1998 draft.

The signing of T.O. makes up for that. Jerry listened to the Cowboy fans who said they didn’t want any more bad characters on the team. They wanted players they could feel good about and cheer for.

What did listening to the fans get him? Nothing. The Cowboys missed out on one of the NFL’s most dynamic wide receivers in the game. Michael Irvin retired and the Cowboys haven’t had a Pro Bowl receiver since 1995.

This time, Jerry Jones, did it his way.

T.O. is here and he will change the game in Big D. Like him or not, the Cowboys offense got a lot better with #81 on! the team. Terry Glenn will get single coverage. Tight end, Jason Witten, will be able to roam free. This should be good for the offense.

Now how long it takes for Drew Bledsoe to get on his bad side? It will happen. Trust me. T.O. will have some days he’ll be mad at Bledsoe’s inconsistency. Keyshawn Johnson couldn’t wait to throw Bledsoe under the bus after being released last week.

Jones and Bill Parcells will have a circus on their hands, but I think Owens will be fine in 2006. Why? T.O. will want to prove everyone was wrong, like he did in Philly…the first year.

I expect the 2006 season to be wild around here. I wouldn’t have signed T.O. because of his past and I don’t think he can be happy in Dallas for three years.

But….the man deserves a chance. He got his second chance in Philly a! nd screwed it up, but he’s a Cowboy and as a media member, I have to deal with it.

I don’t think the T.O. experiment will blow up in Jerry’s face in year one. Look out in 2007. If he’s good in ’06 and ’07, T.O. will want a big extension to play in 2008. Now that could become a problem, as it did with Keyshawn Johnson.

I’ll give T.O. a chance.

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My NCAA Bracket

I didn’t want to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket this year. I cleaned up last year in the Star-Telegram bracket and at NBC 5 because my Tar Heels won.
But our Internet guru wanted me to do a bracket so you could laugh at me.

My Final Four is Boston College, UConn, Duke, and Gonzaga. I have UConn beating Duke again in the title game. They did it back in 1999.

I have the Longhorns going to the regional final losing a rematch with the Blue Devils.
I wanted to pick A&M over the Cuse because we know the Cuse will drop a 1st round match-up.
Good luck to everyone, don’t use my bracket… you’ll go broke.

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Terrell Owens as a Cowboy would just go to show you that Jerry Jones is still trying to run personnel. Bill Parcells never wanted to see Keyshawn Johnson released. Jerry is about flash and names.

This is a big time mistake if Keyshawn is not re-signed and T.O. is signed to a contract. T.O. has been the better player the past 3 years. Keyshawn was about winning with Parcells T.O. is about himself.

It’s going on year 10 since the Cowboys have won a playoff game. That game was Super Bowl XXX to Pittsburgh.

Ten years later, Bill Cowher’s Steelers got their championship by winning three road games before defeating Seattle in Super Bowl XL. Look at the Cowboys under Jerry during that time… Barry Switzer, Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, and now Bill Parcells have been the coaches.

Letting good locker room leaders like Dan Campbell, La’Roi Glover, and Keyshawn hit the road could comeback to hurt the 2006 Cowboys.

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