Super Bowl XL – My Prediction

Super Bowl XL…my prediction…..Seahawks.

Why…I grew up a Cowboy fan. How can anybody who ever liked the Cowboys want to see the Steelers win their 5th Super Bowl title?

The Cowboys and 49ers are the only two NFL franchises with five Super Bowl victories.

Let me make sure you understand this… I love Steelers coach, Bill Cowher. He is a great coach and if he won his first Super Bowl this Sunday I’d be happy for him. Cowher’s team plays the right way and in a world of West Coast offenses, four receiver sets, the Steelers still play smash mouth football. I respect that.

I’m an old foogie who believes you run the football to win. Both teams do that.

I can’t figure out how a team with the NFL MVP (Shaun Alexander), a Pro Bowl quarterback (Matt Hasslebeck), and a coach who won a Super Bowl (Mike Holmgren lead Green Bay to a win in Super Bowl XXXI over Bill Parcells) and three Pro Bowl offensive lineman (Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, and Robbie Tobeck) are four point underdogs.

Mike Holmgren is trying to become the 1st head coach to ever guide two different franchises to Super Bowl wins. Holmgren’s Packers won Super Bowl XXXI and lost the next year to John Elway’s Broncos.

Webb Ewbank led the Baltimore Colts to the NFL World Championship in 1958 and lead the New York Jets to an upset of the Colts in Super Bowl III. Now there’s a trivia question for ya!

Cowher is trying to become the fourth head coach to lose his first Super Bowl game and come back to win it on his second try. The others: Tom Landry (Cowboys), Hank Stram (Chiefs), and Dick Vermeil (Eagles, Rams).

Most of America is going with the Steelers. I’ll go with the underdog Seahawks. I think the Hawks defense is underrated and I think their offensive line can protect Hasslebeck from the blitzes the Steelers will send his way. I know Seattle’s defensive backs are suspect so they better fix that for Super Sunday.


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