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Vince Young & the NFL

Hey I know Aggie fans are having a great time joking about Texas QB, Vince Young, who reportedly scored a 6 on the NFL Wonderlic test.

Young didn’t score that. It was wrong and the NFL has admitted the error.
BUT….you know how people are. We are talking about the NFL draft and teams are trying to find negative things.
Young’s official Wonderlic score is 16. That might kill his chances to be a spokesman for Motel 6.

If you read enough of this draft talk you know folks think the following:
Vince Young isn’t smart and is falling out of the top five.
2005 Heisman winner Reggie Bush is not going to hold up as an every down back and the Texans will trade the number one pick to the Jets.
2004 Heisman winner Matt Leinart can’t throw the ball deep.
Vandy QB, Jay Cutler is the next Brett Favre and will be the first QB drafted.

It’s just talk. All talk. Don’t buy into all the hype and you believe all the negative you hear about players.
If Vince Young falls to the Raiders at number 7..look at it this way. Young isn’t the QB Daunte Culpepper is, but he’s got the tremendous talent. Put Young in that Raider offense with WR’s Randy Moss & Jerry Porter…add in the running back, Lamont Jordan…look out!!

You must remember the games Young played in. He brought Texas back from deficeits at Ohio State and in the Rose Bowl against the two-time national champions. You can not forget his body of work. Joey Harrington of the Lions had a high Wonderlic test. Would you want Joey as your starting quarterback? The fans can’t stand this guy in Detroit. He’s one soft hombre. Steve McNair of the Titans had a low Wonderlic score. McNair took the Titals to a Super Bowl and has won the NFL MVP award.

Last year’s top pick, Alex Smith of the 49ers almost had a perfect Wonderlic score. He was terrible on the field for the 49ers in 2005.

As for the Cowboys who pick 18th. I think they will go with a linebacker..again. Look at DeMeco Ryans of Alabama or Bobby Carpenter of Ohio State.

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Team USA Hockey at the Olympics

What if we get past the point of Mike Modano smacking down USA Hockey and look at what he said. I dare say Mikey Mo is right. USA Hockey needs some changes. If you go 1-4-1 in Olympic play after winning a silver medal four years before, somebody needs to give us some answers.

This team didn’t even get a medal. Nothing!

Where is the young talent? Who can we look to in 2010 as our best hopes to bring home a gold medal from the Vancouver Games? Team Canada was sent home in worse shape, but Wayne Gretzky took the blame and planned to find answers since he’s running their hockey program.

USA Basketball got bronze at the 2004 Athens Games and they went out and made a boatload of changes. The first thing we need to do is realize Modano made some emotional remarks after Team USA lost and he was nailed to the pine the final period in their one goal loss to Finland.

Guys say things too quickly after losses sometimes. That was Modano.

He cares about USA Hockey. He’s been the face for the team for a long time. The Americans record is proof they weren’t ready for the Torino Games.

It’s time for Team USA to look at its program and get it right for Vancouver.

Nellie Could be Back

I was reading last week and my boy Marc Stein says Don Nelson is looking to get back in the game.

Nellie has nothing to prove. He’s a Hall of Famer. His record as a player, coach, and executive is stuff people in the industry hope to achieve.

Nellie quit on the Mavs last year. My sources tell me on the low, Nellie and Mavs owner, Mark Cuban, had enough of each other.

Well, Nellie got millions to step aside and this “Godfather” sham title. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it will pay for the search. (I can’t take credit for that, I heared that at a Prince concert.)

Something happened in Dallas that didn’t happen at Nellie’s last rebuilding jobs when he left… the Mavericks organization didn’t fall off the map. They did in Milwaukee and Golden State.

The Mavs are thriving. Avery Johnson has been named NBA Western Conference Coach of the month three times. The Mavericks are finally playing some team defense. The kid Nellie wanted to trade, Devin Harris, is a key player.

All in all, Cuban won in breakup with Nellie. You can’t call him some meddling owner because his Mavs look like a team ready to play for the Western Conference title.

They finally look like they are surviving without Steve Nash. Nellie never got over losing Nash to the Suns.

So, Nellie could be back in the game as a coach on the West Coast according to the Stein Line. Seems Sacramento and Golden State may want Nellie to run things on the floor.

Either team would be lucky to have him on the sidelines. Nellie can still win in this league and win big.

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Mavericks vs. Kobe Bryant

The last time Kobe Bryant came to Big D he dropped 43 on the Mavericks.

On Dec. 20th, KB8 scored 62 points on the Mavericks in L.A. The Lakers won both games.

Here’s a suggestion for the Mavs… guard the guy in the purple 8 jersey!!

The Mavericks come into Tuesday’s game with an 37-10 record, tops in the Western Conference. They have won 11 in a row.

They must take stopping KB8 personal. It has to be a team effort. You can’t put it all on one guy like Josh Howard. Everybody has to play a role. The Lakers are just 24-23 as a team.

The Mavericks should win this one, but I said that the past two times they were about to play the Lakers.

Super Bowl XL – Steelers Win

Super Bowl XL was NOT a great game. It was filled with a ton of mistakes, but I give the Steelers credit for winning because they imposed their will. It was classic Pittsburgh Steeler football that won them their fifth Lombardi trophy.

Seattle should and will replay all the mistakes they made in the offseason. They never took advantage of their solid play in the first half. Seattle made three blunders which led to their demise.

1. Darrell Jackson’s Pass Interference

Jackson was having a great first quarter. He caught a touchdown, but it was nullified because he pushed off to catch a touchdown. I’d like to call it a Michael Irvin Special.

The call was ticky-tack, but it took seven points off the board and the Seahawks had to settle for a field goal, the only points they scored in the 1st half.

The Seahawks needed that Jackson touchdown because if they were to beat the Steelers they needed to find a way to jump out to a lead.

2. Jerramy Stevens Dropped Balls

The Seattle tight end showed us why Steeler linebacker Joey Porter called him soft.
Stevens caught a touchdown pass, but his three drops were critical.

In the first quarter, Stevens dropped a critical third down pass. Seattle would have been in scoring range if Stevens made the catch.

Sometimes it’s the plays you don’t make that determine the outcome.

Stevens had an advantage over the Steeler linebackers, but he didn’t come up big. Hines Ward made big plays and became the MVP of the game. Trust me, Stevens could have had that kind of impact if he made his catches but failed in the biggest game of the year.

3. Mike Holmgren’s Coaching

If you figure out what the Seahawks were doing offensively at the end of the first half and at the end of the game let me know. The clock management was awful.

Holmgren was outcoached. Period.

My last point is for the officials. The officials in this game were terrible.

Joey Porter thought the refs wanted to see the Colts beat them in the playoffs, you wonder if the boys in stripes wanted to make sure the Steelers got Jerome Bettis his Super Bowl title.

No way Ben Roethlisberger scored at the end of the half. He didn’t break the plane… at least my eyes didn’t see it.

They called Matt Hasslebeck for a cut block after he threw a pick??? Come on!

Did anyone see holding on the pass play that would have given Seattle the ball at the one yard line? Pittsburgh was up 14-10 at that point. I thought the refs call gave all the momentum back to the Steelers because Seattle never scored.

In the end, Pittsburgh did a great job of making the right plays to win the game, like Willie Parker’s Super Bowl record 75-yard touchdown run to start off the second half.

It was great to see Bill Cowher rewarded for so many years of coaching the game the right way.

Jerome Bettis spared us any Brett Favre will he retire or not retire stuff. Bettis knew he couldn’t script a better ending. He won the Super Bowl in his hometown. After the game, Bettis said he was done. Next stop for the Bus, Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

One Dallas Cowboys note, Steeler wide receiver, Antwaan Randle-El is a free agent. He’s the perfect receiver for the Cowboys. They need to go sign him.

Super Bowl XL – My Prediction

Super Bowl XL…my prediction…..Seahawks.

Why…I grew up a Cowboy fan. How can anybody who ever liked the Cowboys want to see the Steelers win their 5th Super Bowl title?

The Cowboys and 49ers are the only two NFL franchises with five Super Bowl victories.

Let me make sure you understand this… I love Steelers coach, Bill Cowher. He is a great coach and if he won his first Super Bowl this Sunday I’d be happy for him. Cowher’s team plays the right way and in a world of West Coast offenses, four receiver sets, the Steelers still play smash mouth football. I respect that.

I’m an old foogie who believes you run the football to win. Both teams do that.

I can’t figure out how a team with the NFL MVP (Shaun Alexander), a Pro Bowl quarterback (Matt Hasslebeck), and a coach who won a Super Bowl (Mike Holmgren lead Green Bay to a win in Super Bowl XXXI over Bill Parcells) and three Pro Bowl offensive lineman (Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, and Robbie Tobeck) are four point underdogs.

Mike Holmgren is trying to become the 1st head coach to ever guide two different franchises to Super Bowl wins. Holmgren’s Packers won Super Bowl XXXI and lost the next year to John Elway’s Broncos.

Webb Ewbank led the Baltimore Colts to the NFL World Championship in 1958 and lead the New York Jets to an upset of the Colts in Super Bowl III. Now there’s a trivia question for ya!

Cowher is trying to become the fourth head coach to lose his first Super Bowl game and come back to win it on his second try. The others: Tom Landry (Cowboys), Hank Stram (Chiefs), and Dick Vermeil (Eagles, Rams).

Most of America is going with the Steelers. I’ll go with the underdog Seahawks. I think the Hawks defense is underrated and I think their offensive line can protect Hasslebeck from the blitzes the Steelers will send his way. I know Seattle’s defensive backs are suspect so they better fix that for Super Sunday.

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